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Updated on local simday 89 / September 4, 2008

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Olivia Hoover sacked?
Rumors have it that actress, Olivia Hoover (56) was fired from the popular soap, Pahala Shore. She has played the role as Lani for ages, but most likely due to her old age she can no longer keep up with her part in the soap. Ah, look out for my sneaky interview with Mrs Hoover in a short while!

April Briggon seen in store
Local TV personality, April B. Montpellier (55) was observed working at Builds&Bills store, serving the cash register. She was extremely slow, and customers were furious. Appearantly she was stepping in for her husband just for the day. Or will she step back to help in the store?

Cats for sale
Super novelist Juston Snakespeare's cat Lisa had 4 kittens, and the proud hunky man is now looking to sell 3 of them. Two of them might be of a rare new cat breed of great value! And yes, Lisa is named after his mum, the extremely successful VIP Lisa Snakespeare!
As good as dead!
Students on campus report that local Humphrey Hornsby (26), almost died today. The students were lining up for the photograph, when young Mr Hornsby collapsed and had to be rescued by the others. He is the sole heir to the gigantic Hornsby residence that comes with a swimmingpool and a tropical vacation home!
Love & Money
She is a cliffhanger!
My neighbour Laurel Pollock (38) has engaged to local Cliff Appleton (34). I don't think she has tons of money, while her fresh fiancé at least comes with a nice house and a new downtown job as he was hired to manage Toys'n'Joys. Ms Pollock and her dog expect to move in with him tomorrow!
Business Life
Expanding business?
Bluzz Imperium, Inc. has announced the expansion that will include a brand new store located at downtown's Grease Avenue. The new store opens tomorrow, and top shareholder Stacian Bluzz (46) says they are looking for a manager to hold the deed while the new store builds ran.
Request & Share
Frank Motoflame

So, someone out there rewquested me to spy on Frank Motoflame (36). Well, that it quite a challenge, as he grew up as me stephson, and he knows everything there is o know about my many costumes. So, I can't possibly fool him - in persona. But I'll do my best!

09:02 My stephson Frank recently moved to rent at Bon Voyage Apartments. He shares a flat with Bimbina O'Brian - yes, that is the granddaughter of legendary Bimbo NL! I left Test Lane, walked by feet to Bon Voyage.
09:21 There it is, the huge building that used to be a retirement home, but now holds 4 rental apartments.
09:27 I can't go into the building without getting recognized, so I decide to check his trash. Ouch... a set of skates? A pink umbrella, broken? Tons of pizza boxes? Aha!!! The 4 apartments share one trash can! These are not Frank's trash!
09:38 I dial his number, I got a plan. He answers; 
- Hello, this is Frank.
- Good moourning! This is a secret plan! Aliens observed on the south sky - could you please step out on your balcony to confirm what you see?
09:39 I see Frank coming out to the balcony, right side of the build, 2nd floor! He looks around, up to the sky.
- I see nada!
- Ahh, okay, then it must have been a wrong number! Sorry and bye!
09:41 I hang up. Bravo! I fooled him, and now I know excactly where he lives! He never bothered to invite me, but I found my way! Frank lives on 2nd floor and to the right!

A group of plant sims were protesting yesterday by marching the downtown streets, claiming a new botanic garden to be built.

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