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Updated on local simday 82 / February 23, 2008

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Goodbye Ms. Wooblershield
Simmerville Studio manager, Glorietta Wooblershield (36) moves downtown with her partner and WTG Tour Guide, Ronald Bluzz (39). They are exoected to marry tomorrow, and I found they reserved the Heart Hotel for the celebrations. I was not invited, but I will be there! The Wooblershield residence in Simmerville is taken over by Glorietta's younger sister.

Comeback for Simona Rose
You saw a related performance at the One Happy World charity show. Elderly but still beautiful actress Simona Rose (69) is back in the new horror movie "Come To Nanny". The movie will premiere shortly, and Simona Rose says she is thrilled about playing out all the negative actions she didn't even know existed. Look for a commercial on the new movies TV channel!

Heading for Model Academy?
A young local woman, Barbie-Ann Tammer (20) stopped me on the street, to tell me that she has applied to study at SimCity Models Academy. This determined woman might be a next big name - unless she ends up dancing ballet all day... I'll follow up!
A small vacation home
Simmervillians who frequent the local cafes must have picked up the rumour that Susan Hornsby (57) bought a luxurious vacation home on some tropical island. Well, one of my contacts who just visited the island, could tell that Mrs. Hornsby's vacation home is a small hut - actually the smallest you can get! No wimming pool, no beach access and nothing to brag about! You can see pictures of the Sunny Shadow vacation home at Builds&Bills.
Love & Money
Brilliant author sells well
Nobody is surprised that super popular writer Juston Snakrespeare (61) is back in the stores with all previously published titles! Check out Caribooks' new catalogue to see who is King! And don't be surprised if love is on its way too!
Business Life
Briggon Carpets facing problems?
Mr Altung Brybrey (51) is a clever business man, running 2 carpet stores, one in Simmerville and one downtown. Lately he has hired and fired many employees - there seems to be a problem keeping them. Do Sims simply hate to work for him? Does he pay them too little?
Request & Share
Bob Muggey

One of my biggest fans wants me ome secret sim wants to know what everything about the love life of Bob Muggey (47). Or should that be *lack* of love life?

Bob Muggey still rents a room at Trogernick Hospitz. He owns a very small house at 6 Hunter Road, but is not allowed to live there as a 1 sim household. His parents are dead, and he is lucky to not have inherited his mum's awful skin disease. But why is he still single after all these years? I'll find out!

10:10 AM I live accross the Test Lane, so I sit in my window to spy on Trogernick Hospitz. No need to go anywhere at all while Bob Muggey is at work! He wrks in the military, but rather unsuccessfully, I assume.
11:21 AM Ah, he was at home! He leaves Trogernick Hospitz and walks off. I need to hurrry, I didn't know he had a day off from work. I put on my new Snowman disguise outfit and rush out the door in time to see Bob Muggey heading for Old Simmer Lane.
11:52 Walking in this snowman outfit was tougher than I expected. My feet are inside the snowman body, and snowmen don't have regular feet for walking. I fall and tumble constantly, but I manage to keep track on my victim.
12:04 PM Bob Muggey is heading for Lake Ellie's - a local cultural retreat for musicians, managed by the beautiful Jadira Glitz. He plays no instruments as far as I know, what is he up to?
12:09 I sneak insiede hoping nobody will notice a snowman leaning towards the wall in a bar. Bob Muggey sits in the bar, drinking!
12:14 I realize he is flirting with the woman who serves the bar - a woman I never saw before, she is not a local. Bob Muggey is blushing, I see he gives her a gift!
12:17 Oh no, some guests have noticed me! They start to talk, I better get out of here! I tumble and fall over a table full of drinks, and my snowman outfit gets spotty from red berry juice. Jadira Glitz comes over, asking whether I paid my entrance, which I didn't - because it would look all ewrong if a snowman brought cash.
12:22 I jumped my way out of Lake Ellie's - the quickest I could. I fell so many times, and now I can't walk back home because my body is aching. I think I will just stand here like a snowman until after sunset. Bob Muggey is obviously hunting women, but this far I'm not sure if he will succeed.

Rumor is that super wealthy Alexia Bluzz has invited a young man to move in with her! Is it love, or is it only money greed? She is the richest sim in the SimCity district near Simmerville.

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