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Updated on local simday 77 / August 5, 2007

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Faded hostess died
Germine Briggon (75) is dead. She will be remembered even outside Simmerville for hosting the popular Home Sweet Home shows, some of them are still available for broadcasters at Simmerville Studio.

Popular novelist joins STAR
Justin Snakespeare (56), one of Simmerville's finest celebrities, popular for sharing the truth and nothing but the truth, like his mum Lisa did, will be writing for the STAR magazine!
Is our Spokes Sim corrupted?
The anonymous protests do question why the Food Expo is hosted at the business lot owned by the hood's Spokes Sim, Stephan Gobelin (44). Another Food Expo event is located at the Gobelin Family Cemetery. It's obvious that increased traffic to the Mervil Market is good for Mt Gobelin's business! He just might be corrupted, in a way we never saw in this hood before! Or maybe not.
Love & Money
Did she struggle their love?
Hot news: Mrs Sylvia L. Gobelin (76) died this evening, her body is still warm as I type! She was a respected photographer, also working with the Make Me a Model, but I know 2 sims who will remember her for killing their love for each other! Her son, yes that is Stephan Gobelin our Spokes Sim, and that poor downtown grocery delivery girl with no table manners. Mrs Gobelin must have meant to keep it a private matter, but I happen to know that she actually told her son to forget about all the family heritage if he kept seeing that poor girl. Or, at least I'm quite sure that I know.
Business Life
No more beauty left?
Helene Motpellier (29), fresh owner of Bonnie's Beauty Salon at 3 Hunter Road, is in deep trouble! After she took over the salon from her mum, and hired a stylist (my neighbour at Test Lane), 75% of the customers are leaving the salon with tears in their eyes. Terrible results is what they pay for! I think someone will soon sue Ms Montpellier for vandalism!
Request & Share
0 [Zero] Gobelin

One of my greatest fans requested me to spy on the local Culinary Advisor, 0 Gobelin (39). He is the result of an abduction, and his living alone with his dead father's dog at the Mysterious Cabin at 5 Simmer Heights. I dressed up in my green cucumber costume and headed for the heights!

9:50 AM I overslept, so my departure was delayed.
10:15 Arrived Simmer Heights, it's a part of the old Mervil Farm, facing the deep valley where Simmer River runs.
10:20 Not sure if anyone is at home? The pink little house looks rather innocent and gay-ish, next to the rustic cabin that is preserved. That's where the blue alien race is said to be captured long ago.
10:25 Looking through the trash can. It's empty!
10:30 Checking the mail box. It contains one letter addressed to Mr 0 Gobelin. He will never know if I borrow that letter and mail it from somewhere else!
10:40 Ah... no no... I'm standing in the street and I hear the door open! Out comes this green man and a little terrier dog!
10:41 Quick - I hide under a car on the driveway. Thanks to me good genes I'm quick to find the best place to hide!
10:42 Oh no!!! Mr 0 Gobelin and the dog is heading towards the car! They get in, and start the engine! Oh oh, auuuuuuuu.... *pain* ... ohhhhhh!!!
10:45 The car drove off the lot, it drove over my legs and my arm, and my pen. I'm wounded real badly, but I manage to call a cab to go home.
1:10 PM I'm home, I read that letter to find that the Hood Council is threatening 0 Gobelin that it's been 4 days since his father's husband died, and in Simmerville no Sim can live alone for more than 3 simdays. He will be thrown out from the house on simday 78!

Rumor has it the chef Samantha Patrelli could possibly pregnant by a married sim! She has been known to "entertain" quite a few males. So it's possible that no one knows who the baby is.

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