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Updated on local simday 65 / October 24, 2006

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Famous Blue Alien is Dead
If you ever saw a film titled "Bubo by Bu Buh" you will remember the birth of a blue alien. Well, today this little creature died from old age. Bubo Buh (55) kept a low profile after getting fame SimNation wide and he never worked with showbiz ever again. The film is still playing here.
Cassull Swims won in court
Divorced Cassull Swims (46) won custody to all her 3 sons as well as 75% of the household value. Her ex-husband Rudie (Stello) Swims (49) got only 25% but will not pay financial support on the children's birthdays, like law says. I'm sure C. Swims is still not happy, because she had to give up 30/70 of her downtown club, Lucky Shack Cards & Drink, Inc.
Love & Money
Successful food exhibition
Wealthy Mrs Sylvia Gobelin (64) has been working as an artist for quite some time while her husband managed old Mervil Market. Mrs Gobelin has earlier stated that she disliked how the business came between them, but now that she had a successful Food Expo exhibition at Mervil Market, I'm sure she has changed her mind about the business. Hundreds of visitors have seen her photographs, and Little Shop of Arts is said to make her  works available even to other hoods shortly!
Business Life
Winner of Stocks Office
After 5 simdays, the Mazaloom Stocks Office is open. Final calculations show that sims who invested their savings in shares, did fantastically well. All of the 5 companies increased their value meaning all shares gave a growth of 8% or more! The definite winner is Simpley Technology, owned 50/50 by cousins Dean Simpley (41) and Brawn Simpley (downtown). Although all shares gained value, only 3 companies paid out dividend to its shareholders: One-Twenty-Five Café (§100 per share), Gobelin Fashion (§50) and Lake Ellie's (§50). Four more company are registered on Mazaloom Stocks Office on simday 65; simmerville Pet Shop, Toys'n'Joys (dt), Body & Games (dt) and Lucky Shack Cards & Drink (dt).
Request & Share
Requested: Urdly S. MacAstral
My oh my, will this be a tough request, was my first thought. After Urdly Swims (39) married to 1/4 blue alien Harvis MacAstral, not even her twin sister heard from her. It's been 5 simdays and Police has been involved, but those stupid heroes did nothing yet! It was only ME against those aliens!
I snuck into the extremely weed covered garden at 5 Hunter Road. It was very spooky but I'm braver than any ghost! Here are my notes:
1AM: Total silence. Is that my heart beating?
1:12 AM, extremely total silence.
1:58 AM, I noticed Mr Rudie Swims entering the lot! Ah, he was heading for the Alien Research Center! He must be a stargazer!
2:12 AM A shadow moving! Is that a... wolf? Don't see me! Don't see me! Hey, there are no wolves in the area... is there?
2:21 AM Someone inside looking out through the window... looks like a zombie... must be the Gothier zombie who married Mr ;MacAstral's blue sister.
2:29 AM *shivers* it's a chilly night... hey, was that baby cry? From under the ground, huh?
2:40 AM Observed Rudie Swims leaving the lot.
2:42 AM Checked the trash can, it was filled with diapers! This can't be just one baby using all those diapers!
2:48 AM Totally exhausted. Heading home to get some sleep
Conclusion: I might need to do a 2nd investigation visit to this very suspicious house!
Alexia Bluzz, millionaire teen daughter, was seen sweating and swearing at the fast food restaurant that her father bought. He said to interpress that both his daughters will need to prove what they are made of in order to inherite his forrtune.
Ex-model, Clocetta Grey (64) has moved her beauty business, Ma'Zalon, to 68 Clutter Bvd. and is doing pretty well.

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