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Updated on local simday 59 / July 18, 2006

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Judy Ballong to Suburb Sims
Simmerville's unsucsessful actress, Judy Ballong (36), appears on Suburb Sims's latest episode, #97. She plays a young women in her mid thirties and I heard her character is not a nice woman. Should suit Judy Ballong perfectly!
Seriously sick?
If you recently guested the local restaurant and delicatessy store Johanna's Kitchen, you might have observed the very pale owner, Annalica Grumblin (43) being more or less abcent. Rumours know that she is seriously ill and needs to lay down most of the day. Is that also the reason why her mate Connard Light (38) recently quit his job to help with the homebased business? And is it his excuse that the two never married although their daughter is already aged 10?
Simmerville born Johan Muston (40) plans to return to Simmerville with his family on local simday 60. He is now Mr Fresco, married to Bellue Fresco (43) who grew up at Slemmon Heights but who's mother was born in Simmerville before TS2 revolution. Bellue and Johan has two kids, and they will buy the huge Casa Fresco that was actually built by Mrs Fresco's ancestors. They will close their home based store "Toys'n'Joys" but might reopen it later on.
Love & Money
Forced to sell 1 Dragon View?
When Cassenda Swims (30) recently inherited her mother, Mathilda Swims, it looked like young Ms Swims would become a solid provider. But as things turned out, there are now rumours that she is not able to keep both the Medical Center and the house where she grew up. Not long ago also the Valentino family had to sell their huge house. Is this a trend where more wealthy families will be forced to sell their property? 
§ Business life
Mervil Market passed on
Simmerville's oldest community lot, Mervil Market, is having a brand new owner, Stephan Gobelin (26). Young Mr Gobelin takes over the market from his father, Bart Gobelin (64). The bakery should be well known, but the market also offers groceries and a small gallery.
- I plan no changes except for the tempory offers due to the ongoing Food Expo, Stephan Gobelin said.
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