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Updated on local simday 58 / June 23, 2006

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Model success?
Simmerville born Tania Hanssen has cut off her long hair in order to reach the top in the Make Me A Model contest at Simborough. Tania is the daughter of legendary wallpaper artist BB Hanssen and former actor/detective Jonathan Hanssen.

Judy Ballong to Suburb Sims?
It's been rumoured for some time, that actress Judy Ballong (35) was invited to test play for well known soap Suburb Sims. Another disappointment for Judy Ballong?

Missing or escaped?
Annie Kotney (38) was reported missing as she and her newborn daughter were one day gone from 2 Mervil Farm. The lot owner, Brigar Goth, refuses to comment the case, while a local resident, Alma Muston (45) says she worry because Brigar told her that he will kill Annie Kotney if he finds her! Alma Muston is involved because she suspects Annie Kotney to be her secret half sister and wants to meet her.
Rene Light (45) has married Chief of Staff Heather Danager (28). They reside 22 Minduza Lane, downtown, and Mr Light just founded Crafts & Business School accepting 3 students to learn the business secrets!

Brawn Simpley (37) married maid Nancy Nightingale (44), and settled at 63 Clutter Bvd. The fresh Mrs Simpley used to work as a live-in maid for the extremely wealthy Brandon Bluzz. Brawn Simpley still owns and operates "Simpley Technology" that he co-owns with his cousin Dean Simpley.

Love & Money
Where did all the money go?
Fresh heir to the huge Hornsby residence at 10 New Simmer Lane, Susan Hornsby (33) is experiencing financial trouble! Her parents left §106.075 but Ms Hornsby inherited only a third of it. There are rumours that Ms Hornsby is dating, but I have not found out who he is and if he will bring enough money to keep the house. 
§ Business life
Coolest club
Daughter of legendary Bimbi O'Brian, Claira O'Brian (39) recently won a "Rather Cool Club" award for her business Club Cornell. The business is said to be a financial disaster, but guests seem to be happy. 

No bank branch in Simmerville
- After very serious and long discussions with my partners, my family and my mirror, I've come to the conclusion there will be no bank branch opened here in the hood, Boteph Loveless (45) proclaimed today. He explained that instead of a full business, there will be opened a non-served banking room at the Hood Administration where locals can handle most bank services.

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