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Updated on local simday 57 / June 4, 2006

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Unsuccessful actress?
Supporting player, local Simona Rose (44), has not been seen around since her "Sing for life" appearance. It's now been confirmed that Mrs Rose is pregnant, and I heard she has taken up on flower arrangements while staying at home. Simona Rose is married to local Bernard Rose and they already got a daughter, Cleopatra.

Emilda Glitz retires?
Webmaster, business owner and Supporting player, Emilda Glitz (54), has announced she plan to retire from one or more of her commitments in the near future. Mrs Glitz' is pushing elderhood and I expect her to let go of both showbiz and websites. I'm pretty sure Simmerville's next webmaster will be - me!!! 

Non legal immigration?
A not so fortunate looking female has been observed at 2 Mervil Farm. Neighbours worry that the lot owner, Brigar Goth (38), who is a Mervil descent, has invited someone to move in to stay without getting a formal hood approval. Simmerville allows immigration of just one household only every 5th simday, and I know several applications were turned down because of the queue. Mr Brigar Goth is known to hang oyt with criminals.

Miss Simmerville scandal?
Fresh winner of the Miss Simmerville 2006 title, Urdly Swims (31), is a stunning young woman ready to look for a stunning young stud! But wait - there is rumours that Ms Swims is dating the local 1/8 blue alien, Harvis MacAstral! Mr MacAstral doesn't look good, but he's got more money than Ms Swims. Are the rumours true? Is it the beauty and the beast all over again?

Andrea Grumblin (36) has married Paddie Light (33), both are Simmerville emigrants. Mrs Grumblin runs Grumblin Foods and is set to open a branch here in Simmerville.

Della Mervil (33) moved downtown, and runs a electronics store. She also let rooms to single Sims, in fact my own brother Fabian stayes there!

Magda Mingonge (38), born and raised in Simmerville, lives with her husband Thomas Leong. They have a successful homebased store, RoboTech.

Love & Money
So single - is he gay?
Young Gastor Beartop (29), son of Lucild & Amandeus Beartop, is one of the hood's richest fresh adults. And still single! He just inherited the family residence at 13 Old Simmer Lane, and currently his parents live there too. Mr Beartop, are you gay or just incredible slow?

Still a teen, but oh so rich!
You single ladies out there - take notes! Bruno Montpellier (20) is heading for University, and in a few simdays he will return as one of the hood's wealthiest young men - ready to marry! Bruno is only child of Phillion Montpellier & Sue Valentino. He will inherite the house at 9 New Simmerville including the "Builds & Bills" business located there, too. He will be good for nearly §100.000, ladies!

§ Business life
Best of the Best
Mini Shopping, local low cost grocery and clothing store owned and operated by Mr Steven Brybrey (55), has been awarded with the Best of the Best award! It is the first time a Simmerville business gets this attention. Mr Brybrey is Simmerville's Business Advisor and Hood Council member. Now it's time to find out how Mr Brybrey cheated his way to success!

Business trouble
Flight Officer Mrs Sophelia Mervil (52) tries hard to get the Mervils back on the top, although most locals tend to believe that the Mervil era is gone, and we are hreading for a Snakespeare era! Well, Mrs Mervil owns the Andrew's Stroll recreation park. A business that is doing extremely poorly. I've not been there, but some who have told me that Mrs Mervil has started to sell outdoor chess tables in order to increase traffic.

Coming Soon:
I would love to gather more gossips even from other hoods. I would even like to finds out about any Simmervillian you like me to find out about! Pretty soon I will add a webform here where you can post your local gossips, or request a rumoured Sim checked out!