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Recent update local simday 55 / May 25, 2006

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Unsuccessful actress?
Lovely granddaughter of well known Juliana Valentino, Judy V. Ballong, has started a showbiz career. Reports do support a promising talent, although she seems to include a hidden political message in her performances. Others say that Judy Ballong is a promising star that might just not got what it takes and the factt that she lacks offers is proof enough. Judy married and had a son right after graduation.
Won in court
Ms Ursenda Swims (downtown) did go to court with her claim to secure her son, Barton, to inherite money from a deasd father who already gave all his belongings to Barton's 3 adult half siblings. The case is not yet closed but it looks like the 3 will need to pay §1.500 each to Barton. I'm sure that is not what Ms swims wanted for.

Another Swims attack!
Another case that almost made it to the court room! Mrs Marie O. Wooblershield claims to have been assaulted by Mr Blub Swims and Rudie S. Swims when visiting their home to have her portrait done by head of the household, Mrs Cassull Swims. Mrs Wooblershield was attacked over several hours, and has been discussing with her lawyer whether she should sue the Swims or not. She decided not to sue them, instead Mrs Swims, the painter and business owner, offered to sell her a copy of the finished painting to 50% discount. Rumours can tell that Mrs Wooblershield already bought the 2nd copy and sent it as a present for her parents who lives in Simborough.

Rich & Single
Desperate for love (& money!)
Newly graduated, Susan Hornsby, is desperately looking for a man to move in with her in the huge mansion at 10 New Simmer Lane. And guys, it's great timing because both her parents are very old, and both her brothers are about to leave home too. Like many of the wealthiest households, even the Hornsbys are facing problems when the family net worth shall be split between 3 heirs. Susan will need to pay her brothers quite a deal in order to keep the house, but don't worry - you can help her!

Wealthy young man
Oldest child of Simmerville'ds richest household, Stephan Gobelin, has just started his University studies He is single and probably the very best choice in Simmerville these days, becoming an adult in a matter of days!

§ Business life
From food to carpets
There is rumours that Mr Steven Brybrey is about to close down his Mini Shopping store that has provided less fortunated residents with cheap groceries and clothing since a while. The store is said to make a nice profit, but Mr Brybrey wants to follow in the steps of his dead father, George Briggon, who founded Briggon Carpets befor TS2.

Family business ruined?
Once upon a time there was a Sim named Stewart Gobelin who ran the most successful fashion studio and store, Gobelin Fashion. These days his gay son, Baltus Gobelin tries hard to keep the business running.  Reports are not impressed though. There are hardly customers in the store, and profits are said to be minimal. Will Baltus Gobelin need to sell the family jewel?