Latest Gossip (simday 53)
I wonna focus more on showbiz and real celebrities than my mom did. And I'll try to play fair. Okay mom, I'll do a little of everything. Tips me at my cell phone 22 81.

Latest update local simday 53 / April 3, 2006

Celebrities of Simmerville

Blake J. Briggon
Is the rumour true? Does actor Blake Briggon, recently seen in "Slave to Rhythm" plan to step back? When the Briggon family moved up to 6 Mervil Farm, Blake's wife, Germine Briggon, opened her long planned Lawyer Office while she was expecting their 4th child. Now what? With 1 teen, child, toddler and baby in the house, and a busy lawyer wife, will Blake Briggon become a house slave?

Emilda Glitz
Supporting actress, Emilda Glitz has not been spotted in a very long time, but is now back. Her latest work is a stage performance called "Dogs & Frogs" and is a production for children. It's not said which role Emilda Glitz will go fore, dog or frog.

Who's got the money?

Bart Gobelin
Where does he get all those money? He is successful in culinary, his wife is a successful photographer. He owns and manages the old Mervil Market. They also own several lots up at Mervil Farm. The richest household of Simmerville is worthy of nearly a quart million simoleons! His teenson Stephan and daughter Petunia are sure to be very popular among money hungry love seekers, watch out!

Lucy H. Bluzz
Downtown: Is she up for grab again? One of the richest Sims residing Simmerville's downtown district is widowed Lucy H. Bluzz. Once a maid, now she handles the fortune of her twin sons while they are to young. Lucy H. Bluzz owns a growing business "Bluzz Emporium", specializing on selling a mix of decoratives, flowers and clothing, but also offering relaxment and fun activities. She has now claimed land in Simmerville but it is not yet certain if she will move here or just open a new shop here.

Gossips - the real thing!

Ursenda Swims
Get ready for some shocking love news! Youngest daughter of Simanda Swims, Ursenda, was expelled from university a while back, then moved to downtown. She had a love affair with elderly Garton Tammer! He moved to live with her and he died just before she had their child! Mr Tammer had 3 adult kids all residing in Simmerville. Expect a trial coming up when Ursenda claims 1/4 of the Mr Tammer' heritage!

Hollie Motoflame
Is there any reason why Mrs Sophelia Mervil of 1 Mervil Farm fired their live-in maid, Hollie Motoflame? Everyone can see that Hollie Motoflame is highly preggie, and the question remains - who might the father be? Perhaps Mrs Mervil expected Ms Motoflame to return to SimCity, but I happen to know that she now rents the house here at 2 Test Lane. Hey - she is my neighbour! I'll check out that baby's genetics on a daily basis!