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Updated on local simday 62 / August 26, 2006

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Ruined by old age
Broadway Star and Simmerville's webmaster, Emilda Glitz (59) is old! Never before was beauty ruined this way by age. Mrs Glitz recently had her hair redone - but to no gain. Face it Mrs Ex-Celeb, it's time to step out of the spot light!

Mysteriously vanished?
Local Miss Simmerville 2006, Urdly Swims (36) has not been seen after she married Mr Harvis MacAstral of 5 Hunter Road, a less stunning man descending from blue aliens. There is yet no investigation, but rumours tell that everything points to a very strange situation. Mr MacAstral was observed buying a cheesecake, but neither does he answer phone calls. Mrs Urdly MacAstral is pregnant and would have a child one of these days but no birth has been reported to the hood administration.

Another Swim Scandale!
Mr Rudie S. Swims (46) had already a tacky reputation from beating other Sims and his own mother in law in particular. Latest news is that he had a downtown affair that resulted in twin babies! Wealthy Ms Nelly Wolmipot (46) claims that she is not after Mr Swims' money, but there was a trial anyway and Mr Swims had to pay a total of §10132.
Love & Money
Business heir emigrate?
Young Altung Brybrey (30), set to inherite the very successful Briggon Carpets, is rumoured to move downtown! He has been seen frequenting the house of the 16 years older Ms Nelly Wolmipot (46), a wealthy downtown residents and alone parent of newborn twins. Mr Brybrey was born in Simmerville, but is expected to emmigrate rather than await for legal immigration.
§ Business Life
Via Victor reopened
On local simday 62 the newly renovated Via Victor was reopened after ages of silence. The lot was owned by the hood ever since Mrs Samba Luna Hanssen sold her right about 15 simdays ago. The lot was completely rebuilt and is now a nice outdoor recreation park suitable for taking dogs, and it also includes a restaurant. The lot is still owned by the hood but managed by a downtown resident, Mr Stewart Mazaloom (40).
Request & Share
Requested: Amin Hanssen
Mr Amin S. Hanssen (69) is one of those residents you'd hardly notice, but who actually played a role. He was the Medicine Advisor through our Age of Pleasure. His wife Samba Luna Hanssen, daughter of late wallpaper artist BB Hanssen, might be better known. I asked around to find some gossip, and there is! Lots of residents (including the Maid) are A-F-R-A-I-D of Mr Hanssen for unknown reasons. He is aggressive, they say. I couldn't find his criminal past, but I'm sure he is covering something!
Sarah Reese. Minister of Rosewood, Sarah Reese, just had a baby, but has been a widow for 10 days! Nobody knows who the father is, but a burglar has been observed frequenting her house.
Huggington Hills:
Ling Clarkson. Supermodel Ling is finding it hard to get back in shape after the
birth of her 3rd daughter and has taken all mirrors from her home

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