Mazaloom Court House

Mazaloom Court House will help solving conflicts within your neighbourhood. Before case is brought to court, please try solving the conflict with help from your local Hood Council's Law Advisor or the SUN boards.

Any SUN registered hood can benefit from this service by taking their trial to Court. Explain your case in a regular RTF document and submit it to Simmerville's webmaster. Conclude introduction, testimonies and alternative solutions for voting. We do not edit your text other than adjusting standard layout. See linked documents below for examples.

Each case is open for judges only 2 weeks (dates might differ from schedule with a couple days). We can only run one trial at the time, but your case will normally be presented before the voting is scheduled. See schedule below.

Marylena H. Gobelin
Law Enforcement Advisor, Simmerville

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Court House available

Is there a conflict in your hood that should be taken to court? Contact us to have your case at Mazaloom Court House

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SEP 1-15, 2007: Court House available
SEP 16-30, 2007: Court House available
OCT 1-15, 2007: Court House available
OCT 16-30, 2007: Court House available


#012-Simmerville: Urdly S. MacAstral vs Mubu M. Gothier
When Urdly Swims married Harvis MacAstral, she was kept prisoner in order to produce his alien offspring. It is confirmed that Mr MacAstral's blue alien sister Mubu M. Gothier and her husband Mr Stephan Gothier (zombie) lived in the house most of the time, and must have been involved with the crime. The result was 6 known kidsMr and nearly the death of Urdly MacAstral. Harvis MacAstral died before his locked up wife was rescued. Urdly Macastral is now suing Mubu M. Gothier and Stephan Gothier for the crime...
Case closed April 30, 2007

#010-Apple Valley: Pierce/Wilsonoff/Forrester-Miller vs The Hood of Apple Valley
The apt-named "Fun House" owned and operated by Lake Forrester-Miller, Adrienne Pierce and Storm Wilsonoff has been operating 24 hours each simday non-stop. The standard business operating procedures states that a business must not be operated more than 8 hours a simday and must be closed for at least two simdays to allow of rest for employees. Also businesses must close for any reasonable request of the Hood Council including holidays, quarintines, etc.. .
Case closed October 31, 2006

#009-Simmerville: Cassull Swims vs Rudie S. Swims
A complex divorce involving 3 children.
Case closed October 14, 2006

#008-Simborough: Ms J. Harlow vs Simborough Hood Administration
Ms Harlow of Simborough recently completely bulldozed her gigantic mansion without official approval. Now the Simborough Hood Administration has sued her.
Case closed September 26, 2006

#007-Simmerville: Nelly Wolmipot (Downtown) vs Rudie Swims (Simmerville)
Case closed September 12, 2006

#006-Simmerville: Victor Swims vs Rick Moulino
Now that his father that he never met, is dead, he claims his fair share of the heritage.
Case closed September 12, 2006

#005-Simmerville: Simmerville Hood vs Brigar Goth
Case closed August 28, 2006

#004-Simmerville: Swims vs Tammer
Case closed May 25, 2006

#003-Apple Valley: Dawson/Forrester-Miller/Pierce vs The Hood of Apple Valley
October 7, 2005

#002-xxx: O'brian vs Brettele
September 21, 2005

#001-Simmerville: Swims vs Moulino/Snakespeare
September 6, 2005