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Only Sims can post on the SUN message boards. Posts by Humans will be deleted, and Sims are asked to avoid replying to such posts.

Posts without a correct sim name will be deleted.

SUN Boards are intended for Sims living in SUN participating neighbourhoods.

Profanity, swearing and bad language is not tolerated on the SUN boards. Inappropriate posts can be deleted at any time without a warning. Keep in mind that young Sims will be reading your post and that some Sims are sensible. Do not post anything you wouldn't have told them face to face in a public room.

Please read and respect any additional rules that are posted on top of each SUN Board page.

A thread is considered full when reaching 10 replies (11 lines including the start post). Any reply to a full thread will get deleted by the SUN Boards Moderator. This took effect April 4th, 2004.

Long threads are not allowed because they push other threads far down on the page and also mess up a board's column width. 
Anyone who like to reply to a full thread is welcome to start a new thread concerning the topic.

The SUN Boards Moderator is chosen by the SUN Core in February and August and will normally be a SUN Core member.

Only the Moderator will be able to delete posts, but anyone (SUN Core member or not) can post a general warning in order to guide a user or to drag the SUN Boards Moderator's attention to a specific thread. Only warnings being posted with the *!* Alert emoticon will be dealt with.

The boards will be moderated on a weekly basis.

Current SUN Boards Moderator:
to be announced (SUN Core member).

All SUN boards are password protected. The password will occasionally change, and will be officially posted here. Do not pass on the password to anyone who asks, but tell them to go to this page and read the rules.

The current password is: suntalk

SUN Boards Rules will be revised by the SUN Core every year in February and August.

SUN Boards - where Sims meet Sims
Discuss with other Sims! Share experience and build relations across neighbourhoods! Please respect that these boards are open to Sims and not Humans!

Anyone can read the SUN Boards, but posting requires a password. Please read the SUN Boards Rules for further instructions and to get the current password.
Local NEWS
Keep the residents of your neighbourhood updated! Only SUN neighbourhoods' spokes sims should start threads, but any Sim can reply! Please start your thread with the name of your hood, i.e. "Sunhood: Upcoming election"
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This is where students can comunicate with family and friends. How's campus? How about the studies? Worried for your exams? Missing your family and friends? Each student can start 2 threads, subject could be like: "Linda Lou: calling family" or "Linda Lou: calling friends".
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Easier Sim Living Easier Sim Living
How can we make our everyday easier? Want to live more comfortably, give better parties, get the most out of your home, family, savings and surroundings?
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SiM KiDz
Having a nice pet or a cool toy? Maybe a new crush on the boy or girl next door? Needing advice on how to trick your parents, or just wanting a pen pal? Adult sims are not allowed to post - a perfect hangout for SimNation kids only!
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Frieds & Dating Friends & Dating
Are you a grown up sim looking for a partner or friend? Needing advice on dating or marriage? Mismatching interests and difficult to keep all your friendships going? Many a cross neighbourhood romance started on this board!
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Job & Career Career & Fame
Get in touch with colleges, discuss skills, fame, interests and promotions, or even your uniform and carpool! Showbiz and home business in general goes here as well.
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