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Updated on local simday 60 / July 28, 2006

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Miss Simmerville shocks
Today Urdly Swims (34), Miss Simmerville 2006, gave a brief press conference at downtown P.U.R.E. The club was packed with celebrities and journalists  as Miss Simmerville announced her engagement to the ugliest man of the hood, Harvis MacAstral (31). He is 1/4 blue alien, and everyone now asks themselves if Urdly Swims has gone blind! Takes from the conference will be included in the "Right Now - 60" movie.

A must read: Miss Goes Blind

Throws out younger sister?
When local Mathilda Swims died, the youngest daughter Cassenda Swims (31) was meant to have the Swims family's house at 1 Dragon View. But today it was known that Cassenda Swims is not able to keep both the rather large house and the Medical Center, so her older sister Ursa Swims (37) got the house and returned to Simmerville today. The two sisters hardly talk, and rmours says that Ursa plans to throw her younger sister out desbites there should be plenty of rooms available!
Long missing Annie Kotney (40) has been spotted doing some grocery shopping at Grumblin Foods, downtown! It's been rumoured for a while that father to Ms Kotney's kid, Brigar Goth (41) has threathened to kill his ex-housemate when he finds her! He had no idea where she escaped to. It's not recommended to go shopping, Ms Kotney! 
Love & Money
Who wants young Mr Brybrey?
Mr Altung Brybrey (28) is one of the most promising young men, stuffed with money to come from his very wealthy parents. The Brybrey household has climbed alot on the local networth list, now ranked 6. Mr Brybrey will take over his father's successful Briggon Carpets, which is the most successful local business ever. Also a twin brother, Garmund Brybrey (28) is still single and will inherite high values.
§ Business life
Gobelin Fashion sold out
One of Simmerville's oldest businesses, founded long before the TS2 revolution has been facing finance problems lately! Today the proud family business had no choice but converting to a shareholder company. Previous owner Baltus Gobelin (53) owns only 75% of the shares while his brother Bart Gobelin and nephew Stephan Gobelin holds 12.5% each.

On this first day of Mazaloom Stocks Office a total of 5 businesses converted to shareholder companies: Gobelin Fashion Inc, Simpley Technology Inc, Lake Ellie's Inc, One-Twenty-Five Cafe Inc, and Bluzz Emporium Inc. The office will allow trades only every 5th simday.

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