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Updated on local simday 61 / August 12, 2006

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Golden Star Awards
This annual celebrity event took place at Simborough with the greatest guest list ever! Even I was there, representing my dead mum, the souper fampuse VIP reporter Lisa Snakespeare, who was nominated. I thought she would win, but there were no Simmervillians winning this year. Check out the event here
Mr Goth to court!
Local Brigar Goth (42) is sued by the hood for arranging illegal immigration! A downtown woman named Sussy Nocturn (49) is said to live under cover at Mr Goth's house at 2 Mervil Farm. It's the first time illegal immigration is brought to court! Check out Mazaloom Court House to be a judge for this trial!
University is no longer the only way away from the hood to get educated! Many locals accepted the available business related student or trainee places, downtown. At the Crafts & Business School, owned by local born Rene Light (48), Candie Light (33) and Oliver Mervil-Rose (21). At RoboTech, owned by local born Magda Mingonge (42), we find poor Bob Muggey (25). At Ma'Zalon, owned by ex-model Clocetta Gray (60), we find another poor local, Blendina Moulino (32).
Love & Money
Webmaster's daughter
Ms Cariana Glitz (24) is still just a teen, but will soon be the one to drool over! she has got her grandmother Juliana's good looks, and her parents' money! Actually, she will need to share with 2 siblings, but she already owns shares in Lake Ellie's Inc. and being daughter of two broadway stars shouldn't hurt either!
§ Business Life
Local Stores to Stock Market
One by one they lost their head, selling their business shares to greedy investors. On the stock office's first day 3 local businesses became corporations, one of them were local celebrity, Emilda Glitz (58). They are Gobelin Fashion, Lake Ellie's and Simpley Technology. All sold out and at this time the deed owner holds majority of the shares, but just wait and see how they will fail in 5 simdays!
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