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Updated on local simday 63 / September 17, 2006

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Local for Pahala Shore
Mr Blake Briggon (61) has been casted for the very popular Pahala Shore soap. He has been offered a very small part as "Willis". Way to go, old man, finally some glamorous senior days!

Webmaster leaves in tears
Local wembaster Emilda Glitz (60) has quit her job with the Simmerville site. I'm pretty sure she broke down in tears when realizing her life nears an ending! There is no news about her replacement yet, and that might be because it's obvious who knows everything about everyone in this hood - I do.
In love with a gay man?
Ms Rita Valentino (35) has moved up to Mervil Farm, followed by Victor Swims (39), recently benefited with §48.588 from his dead father, Mr Priestus Moulino. The couple is renting the Annexe from Mrs Sophelia Mervil. Did you only go for Mr Swims' money, Ms Valentino? Did you forget to check his Filofax to see what downtown gay clubs he frequents? I never checked that filofax myself, but I'm pretty sure the list is there!.
Love & Money
Wonderboy Dates Double?
Soon to inherite the big bucks, Stephan Gobelin (30) is in a hurry. Wealthy men should not remain single, and he knows it! He was observed dating several older females, both from the hood and downtown. I'm not spilling too much when I suggest that Cassenda Swims (34) and Nelly Wolmipot (47) are among the candidates. But do they know that they are not the only one he dates? I'm sure there might be at least 40 more dates that we are not aware of! Watch out ladies!
Business Life
Body & Games Awarded
Downtown store, Body & Games, has received the Best of the Best award. The owner, Simmerville's Pernold Light (40), says that he was about to close down the store for good  when he was presented with the award. Now he might need to reconsider the bisiness. And there is hope for all!

Best shares at the moment:
Investors who bought shares in Simmerville based "Simpley Technology" on simday 60, has already made quite a profit; §684 per share, 68,4%. This might change ove the next 2 simdays, as trades are not possible until simday 65, but "Simpley Technology" is a winner anyway.
Request & Share
Requested: Emilda Glitz
Well known Emilda Glitz (60) has been in the spotlight many times. There must be some secrets about this woman! I visited their house at 1 Cabbage Road at night, digged in their trash can, their mail box, looked into every window (My, some of those were hard to reach!) - and I found something! Emilda's husband Sherard subscribes to a magazine called "Dirty Barbie". Emilda has an appointment with a shrink tomorrow, most likely to discuss her horrible looks as an elder! And Emilda's new book for kids, "A dog kissed a frog" was already refused by several publishers! (I found the letter from just one publisher, but I'm sure there are more!
Olivia Hoover (32). Actress who resides Simmerville's downtown area and plays one of the main characters in Pahala Shore, was observed at Cold Issue Clothing desperately embrasing a stranger who did not appreciuate it too much. I think. I would have appreciated it though.
Mina Anderson. New minister of Goodhill is accused for cheating. The election is said to be paid by her corrupt father, Duke Anderson.

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