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Updated on local simday 64 / October 8, 2006

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Olivia Hoover wants a pet
Actress, Ms Olivia Hoover (31), daughter of late superstar Eduardo Hoover, stated that she likes to get a little pet dog as soon as the new pet stores open. She plans to move but has not yet decided whether her new address will be in Simmerville or if she will rent a house at Clutter Bvd, downtown. Ms Hoover got herself a name playing Lani at Pahala Shore

Simona Rose retires
Local Broadway Star, Simona Rose (51) has turned down several good offers lately. She explained to SimCity Cronicle that acting it's a tough job and that she needs to slow down. She always wanted to open a florist store, and she expects chaos at home now that her Natural Scientist husband Bernard Rose plans to breed the local dog breed, Mazalotti at home.
Well, we can believe the star, but frankly I think she might be sick or something that she doesn't like to leak to the press.
Can it get any worse?
Majority of Simmerville's residents might think that the Hood Council made a mistake when they hired stupid Garmund Brybrey to be our next webmaster. I'm sure there are critics even in SimCity Cronicle. This man even stated that he dislikes gossips - now who is that stupid man! Remember, you can always bookmark directly to read only my gossips page, and avoid all the rest of Simmerville web.
Love & Money
A greedy bitch?
We are all shocked that Cassull and Rudie Swims got a divorce, currently on Mazaloom Courthouse. Here is the downtown woman who caused everything, Ms Nelly Wolmipot (48). Mr Rudie Swims is father to her two daughters. Yesterday I wrote about how she has been dating much younger Stephan Gobelin. She has now applied to move to Simmerville on simday 65, but the Hood Council has not yet approved.
Business Life
Briggon Carpets downtown
Success business Briggon Carpets, owned by Mr Steven Brybrey, opened a new store downtown. This time the owner is the founder's son, Altung Brybrey! Rumours say he was tired to wait for his father to pass on the base business. Will old Mr Brybrey now run the first store without any help from his son?

Trainees completed their jobs today
On simday 61 the first trainee teens took off to work away from home for 4 simdays. They have completed their jobs, and they are all excited to get a real job. They have built a few skills and badges, but some complain they have been working for free and that they should have been paid more.
Request & Share
Requested: Marie O. Wooblershield
Mrs Marie O. Wooblershield (61) works as a freelance photographer, and she is well known in that kind of circles. She isn't a real celebrity, despites of her past as a professional party guest. She once claimed that her career was ruined by the Swims family, well - you need something to blame when you cast can't do your job, right Mrs Wooblershield? I did my garbage analysis, and here is what I found:
A crushed piece of paper - does she have a secret penpal back in Simborough where she grew up? I think she crushed it because she wanted a more romantic looking paper.
Last month's glossy fashion magazines - this woman definitely desires only this week's fashion!
A bag filled with kitchen trash - I think this proves that Mrs Woblershield is depressed and eats all day long. It might be so true!!
Craft & Business School, downtown, operated by Simmerville born Rene Light (51), is turned into SimCity Complaints Office. Students say they don't get what the school did promise them. They sleep in a tiny room in the basement and they did not get any perks from the owner, and no diploma when they quit. The owner has got first warning and must adjust advertising to fit with reality. If the students of simday 66-69 complains too, the school will lose its school status.
Babya Community Centre:
Babya Puzzler went to pick friends up from airport and heard that pets will be
allowed, but passengers tickets will cost more.

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