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Updated on local simday 73 / April 12, 2007

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The Water Man
Rumours have it that actor Blake Briggon (71) shaves twice a day, and had problems acting in The Water Man because his role was not clean shaved. You ask why? Most Sims have forgotten that as a boy Blake was adopted by Simmerville's local bearded woman. Who would not have a shaving desire after growing up with such a mum?
The Brybreys fighting?
Last night I was taking a stroll up to Mervil Farm, and what noise did I hear when passing the Brybrey's home at 3 Simmer Heights? It sounded like fighting! I know that the Brybreys control none less than 3 community lot businesses and that they are forced to let go of at least one of them. Will Mrs Brybrey sell the Medical Center, or will Mr Brybrey build down the lifework of his late father, Briggon Carpets? They got a nice house by the way, I will need to walk the hood more often!
Love & Money
Will she win big boy's heart?
Recently graduated, Glorietta Wooblershield (27), was seen flirting with one of the wealthy Bluzz twins, Ronald (30). Is there a romance coming up? If they marry, Glorietta will suddenly find herself among the richest residents of Simmerville.
Business Life
Bluzz Emporium is the Best
Stacian Bluzz (30) has taken over the family's business, Bluzz Emporium, and the first thing he did was to fire the cashier who happens to be my beloved partner, Hollie Motoflame. The dau after they got the Best of the Best award.
Request & Share
Phillion Montpellier

Someone out there requested info on Phillion Montpelliere. He resides at 11 Old Simmer Lane, together with his only child, Bruno, who is an adult btw. The house was built by Mr Montpellier's parents long ago. Well, I decided to spy on him!

09:10 AM Arriving 11 Old Simmer Lane, it's raining!
09:14 Climbing over the tall garden wall to access the locked garden.
09:20 Ahhh... what a small garden! Nothing to impress me there, although they run a pretty successful home businesses, named "Builds & Bills".
09:35 Waiting...
10:15 Someone leaves the house, it's old Mr Montpellier!
10:20 He got into the car and headed downtown. I called a taxi and managed to catch up with him at Clutter Boulevard.
10:31 He parks his car outside the extremely wealthy Ludmilla Bluzz' residence! Whatttttt?????? Old Sims havin a romance?
10:45 While he is in there I can only imagine what he is up to! If they marry they will hit the headlines big time! She is good for a million simoleons!
11:07 Someone is looking at me from the upstairs window. Just as I break into Ludmilla Bluzz' sportscar in order to hide.
11:09 A police car attends... oh no... they come for ME...!!!???
17:45 Finally back home. I was thrown in jail, then someone paid them... I don't know who... someone who wanted me to write this story after all?

Mr Lucas Stew-Fraisser, alien specialist and novelist, has been hired as a judge in the ongoing trial between MacAstral and Gothier. Head over to Mazaloom Court House to help judging!

Lupine Valley:
Candice Cauldwell, who we all thought was just the plaything of Rich Casen, has given birth to the Casen heir and got a diamond ring to boot from Rich himself. Guess there will be wedding bells?

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