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Updated on local simday 68 / December 11, 2006

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Judy Ballong revamped
Tired of her old looks? Preparing for a new role? Actress Judy Ballong (45) was observed today, with a complete new hairdo. It was quite a change, and I happen to know that her new style is feaured on a soon to be released fan poster.

Pahala Shore posters
Rumours say that fans can soon decorate their walls with posters from their favourite soap. Check Little Shop of Arts for release, shortly.
Mrs Wooblershield awarded
And I hear you all ask, for what? Is Mrs Wooblershield actually any better than you and - well, ME? I think not! She always seem to have a party, but who is the one to keep all residents updated on rumours, facts and - well, rumours? Anyways, congratulations on the §1000 money award, Mrs Marie Wooblershield!

Miss Urdly to be rescued?
Or is it too late? I happen to know that the SimCity Police plans a very secret operation in order to storm the old house at 5 Hunter Road, where Miss Simmerville 2006 is supposidly a hostage. I wasn't able to find the exact day, but I got reason to think they will do something before Christmas.
Love & Money
Cariana Glitz ready for love?
Daughter of Broadway Stars, Emilda and Sherard Glitz, Cariana Glitz (31), just graduated from SimState University. She has decided not to copy her parents, but instead she has opened a publisher office. Money will never be a problem for Ms Glitz, as she can expect a nice amount of Simoleons from her parents, and she already owns shares in Lake Ellie's. But who will she offer her love to? Will it be you? Will it be me? I tell no more, but I happen to be a novelist and can really need a publisher when I'm ready to release my first novel where I tell everything you don't want to know abot my late mum, Lisa Snakespeare.
Business Life
Best of the Best nearly died
The shop "Baby Care" on Grease Avenue downtown, was given the Best of The Best award. The shop is owned and operated by our local Marlene F. Tammer (). Yes it's the same Mrs Tammer who caught fire today when cleaning up after the nanny. She is said to be very lucky who survived the fire.
Request & Share
Requested: 0 Gobelin
Yes, that is right - a local Sim named 0 (as in zero). A reader out there requested some info, and what can I say - a GREEN alien who had a very tough childhood - must have had - growing up with 2 gay dads, and still bringing on the surname of the hood's wealthiest family! If this isn't enough sensation to you, let me add that 0 lost his face during teenage! I had to find out, what plans does a green young man have? Unfortunately, I had to travel to SimState University to find Mr 0 Gobelin. Here are my detailed notes:

08:10 AM my bus left Simmerville Bus Station
10:15 AM Arrived Campus, no green aliens around
11:45 AM found Simmerville house, put on my professor costume, entered house asked for 0. He was at class.
12:30 PM Fell asleep in the flower bed.
13:02 Checked all garbage, a crushed letter for Ms Marbes Mervil (student), instructions about staying away from all aliens, signed "dear mother".
15:14 Ate a burger at the campus center
17:10 Returned to Simmerville House, snuck up to the window just in time to vitness a green student being hit real hard by a darkhaired young lady!
17:14 Male crying indoor
17:22 More fighting, real bad this time. Broken glass, a scream!
17:26 Looked inside, noticed a dead parrot.
17:44 Had to run to catch my bus back to Simmerville.

Brandon Bluzz (72), the wealthiest Sim in Simmerville's downtown, is reported to be very sick. Together with his lovely wife, Ludmilla, he is good for more than §1000000. Let's hope he will die soon, so that we won't need to wait forever to learn about his last will.

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