I'm Adrian Hanssen, owner of Little Shop of Arts. It was founded by my mother, Samba Luna Hanssen, and is located
at 4 Hunter Rd, Simmerville.


Little Shop of Arts

If you are looking for TS1 art please go to Art For Art's Sake.

"Little Shop of Arts" is a small home based art shop, selling paintings and decoratives (TS2). I don't paint myself, but I I frame and sell motives that can not be found elsewhere.

I'm not a technical expert, but I think that all my offers will require CEP in order to work in your hood. Download CEP for free. (credits to Numenor)

In the works
I'm busy with several projects:
Superstar fan posters: Coming soon is a new Olivia Hoover fan poster.The stars of your hood might want a fan poster, too? Contact me on top of this page.
Family portraits: A local project in Simmerville where top 5 notch of the networth list are offered to buy a double portrait for §1000. This far I created the Gobelins, Brybreys and Mervils. Not decided yet whether these will be available to others.
Historical: Very interesting project that includes TS1 memories. Will definitely be available to all.
Please check back!
April 19: Ancient Blue Bunny - a must to collectors!
Finally, after the exciting discovery here in Simmerville, I've finally made a replica of the famous old Blue Bunny painting. This might be the only known wall decorative that survived the TS2 revolution, in fact experts think it might be even older than the TS1 era. So, when your guests ask why the picture is pale, you can tell them that it is very old and faded. Replicas don't need to be faded, but this time it is! ("Olive Peynter's City SkyScape" recolour)
Download (zip 130k) CEP is required.

February 10: Signs (TS2)
No! You are not supposed to fill your garden with all these 11 signs. But, maybe one of them can serve as a useful hint to Sims passing by. Or to Sims who walk into your secret basement.Or to boys who are not allowed in the garden. Or to anyone who should turn right or left. Some work better on a community lot. PETS required!
Download (zip 203k) CEP is required.

October 24: Botanical Posters (TS2)
Some Sims love flowers and gardening. Some make nature into a hobby. Some Sims just like a decorative poster when they see it. Don't miss these 3 lovely botanical posters!
Download (zip 931k) CEP is required.

October 11: Eduardo Hoover & Margarita Mox (TS2)
Can you ever have enough celebrity wall hangings? Most Sims recall superstar Eduardo Hoover, and some remember Margarita Mox. If they are too unfamiliar for your home, they will do fine in a café or any kind of cultural establishment where Sims meet.
Download (zip 427k) CEP is required.

September 7: Futuristic Art part 2 (TS2)
More recolours to expand the Future series.

Download 6 recolours (zip 1224kb)
The original Bridge painting is required.

March 11: Futuristic Art part 1 (TS2)
You can't ignore the future! It's perfect for one of your walls!

Download 2 recolours (zip 435kb)
The original Bridge painting is required.

February 27: Framed Flower Motives (TS2)
Colourful, fresh, modern and decorative! These 6 recolours will make it easy to bring nature into your home.

Download 6 recolours (zip 2615kb)
The original Bridge painting is required.

January 31: Corkboards TRAVEL (TS2) [corrected version]
February 15: Nev versions that are correctly flipped - please redownload and replace the files.
Personalize your cork board! Here comes a set of 3 new recolours with the theme TRAVEL. There is one corkboard for each of the 3 BonVoyage destinations. One corkboard is not enough!

Download 3 corkboards - TRAVEL (zip 1276kb)
The original corkboard (from University?) is required.

December 11: Corkboards galore (TS2)
Personalize your cork board! Here comes a set of 22 recolours, everything a Sim can ask for when we talk about corkboards. There are 2 alternatives for Family, Fortune, Romance, Popularity, Knowledge and general - one rather packed and another a bit more tidy. Are you a neat Sim you will go for the latter... In addition you find several boards with mixed content because a household often combines at least 2 aspirations. During Simmerville web's new Simology series we will offer more corkboards focusing on various interestst as well as a few bonus versions!

NB: You might not need ALL of these recolours. It's easier to tell good from bad when you see them on the wall rather than in the catalog. We suggest that you install them all in a Downloads_Simmerville folder, then have a Sim check them out with the redesign tool and delete those that appeal less to the residents of your hood.
Download 6 corkboards - well organized (zip 2430k)
Download 6 corkboards - rather packed (zip 2443k)
Download 10 corkboards - mixed content (zip 4054k)
The original corkboard (from University?) is required.

November 24: Hobby pack for hobby painters (TS2)
Set of 11 original motives that Sims now can paint on their easel. All have a rather amateurish feel, like it should be when a Sim has just learned to paint a custom painting (4 or more creativity skills required). These might still make a nice decoration in some homes, or maybe in your vacation home? Nobody paints a perfect Mona Lisa on their first week! These motives can only be painted as "paint custom painting" - which requires Pets (or later?). Place files in the folder  EA Games > The Sims 2 > Paintings. If you can't paint custom paintings, then you should not download this pack.
Download (zip 363k)

July 9: Collectors' Dream Paintings (TS2)
Set of 3 super well known paintings. Your guests will wonder - is that painting the real thing? Of course it is not, although the print is expensive, it's just a recolour. Who would have guessed!
Download (zip 236k) CEP is required.

April 14: Fan Posters (TS2)
Superstar posters are a must in most teenager's room, in the kitchen, or even in your garage! Two more of Simmerville's most successful senior showbiz Sims; Blake Briggon and Sherard Glitz. Blake Briggon just starred "The Water Man", a fantasy movie about a man who thinks he saves the entire world. Blake Briggon has retired but is still appearing on the popular Pahala Shore soap. Leading Man Mr. Sherard Glitz has been a star in the theatres for a generation, and you might even recall him as a judge in the Make Me a Model show.
Download (zip 509k) CEP is required.

February 5: Fan Posters (TS2)
Two of Simmerville's most successful actresses, Simona Rose and Judy Ballong. Just retired Simona Rose is best known for her awarded part in "Flamingo Bandits" (poster), while Judy Ballong is working on many projects, including Suburb Sims. More fan posters will be available shortly!
Download (zip 540k) CEP is required.

December 21: Signs (TS2)
This pack ia a must have for all hoods with community lots! 10 recolours of the "remember to wash your hands" sign (University required), allow you to direct guests, brand info stands, sights, danger or just to say welcome.
Download (zip 312k) CEP is required.

December 12: Pahala Shore Poster Pack (TS2)
What is your favourite soap? Did I hear you say "Pahala Shore"? This series is among the longest running soaps, pleasing many fans. Now you can decorate your walls with 4 different Pahala Shore posters! Visit Pahala Shore site here.
Download (zip 652k) CEP is required.

December 1: Simunch (TS2)
As seen in Mrs Eline Shalloe's living room (Home Sweet Home #4), you can now have your own print of the famous Simunch painting, Madonna. Added is also "Scream". Note, these are not the real thing, just prints.
Download (zip 854k) CEP is required.

October 5: Super Poster Pack feat. Arrendale Heights (TS2)
Super poster pack including 1 vintage Arrendale Heights, 1 recent Arrendale Heights, and 3 recent movie posters, "Revenge of the Blue Planet", "Werewolves" and "Blue Alien Hunters".
Download (zip 1168k) CEP is required.

September 28: Vintage TS1 Posters (TS2)
Attention collectors! You must have heard about the fantastic TS1 era. Most of us were born after the revolution, but we still heard about superstar Alisa Crawston touring several hoods ("Welcome to my world") and the first "Food Expo". Here are the posters just as they appeared back then! Original posters were created by local artist Chris JB.
Download (zip 329k) CEP is required.

September 22: Vegetables and fruits (TS2)
This Autumn we'll see the return of farming in Simmerville. So it was quite natural to create a few vegetables and fruits motives. Suitable for the kitchen or dining room, maybe. Pack includes 4 recolours to be found with the left side mini icon.
Download (zip 942k) CEP is required.

July 24: Pets Paintings (TS2)
These 12 great pet paintings were created at the regional School of Art. Here is an article about the school: Article
They are originals and are delivered to you by Ms Sally-Ann. The packaged lot contain no cc, but NL + OFB might be required. It would be interesting to hear from you what EPs and if the delivery works or not.
Download (zip 1063k) OFB might be required.