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Updated on local simday 66 / November 5, 2006

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Home Sweet Home closing?
We love this show, sneaking into our neighbours' homes, but they still didn't want to feature MY household. So, I take it's a sign that the show wil soon be taken off! Hostess, Germine Briggon (64) says that there was never planned more than 5 shows, and the last show will be a Christmas Special. Well, I guess I better put up some seasonal decorations, then...

Star Magazine
Everybody loves to read about glam and celebrities, and if you are just like everyone else, head over to Simborough to read the spectacular STAR magazine. There are only 2 issues out, but it's still a long and good read.

Wooblershields facing fiasco
Larry Wooblershield (73) had a promising future while he was young, but now that he is elderly, there's only worries left, I'm sure! I heard the household is broke, daughters Glorietta and Henrietta might not even afford going to college. Wife Marie just failed terribly at work, and is now completely off the list when promotions are to be handed out. I'm not saying this, but this family is a fiasco!
Love & Money
They got both ends
Bianca V. Beartop (38) seems to have done all the right moves marrying to Cole Beartop some time ago. While Cole inherited the Trad Toys store at Old Hunter's Lodge, his twin brother Gastor inherited the nice house at 13 Old Simmer Lane. But today single Mr Gastor Beartop moved downtown, leaving also the house to Cole Beartop. Mrs Bianca Beartop is the sister of actress Judy Ballong.
Business Life
Pet shop opened
Already on simday 65 young Oliver Mervil-Rose (26) opened the new Simmerville Pet Shop at 13 New Simmer Lane. During simday 66 all local households must have visited his popular store at least once! But will the succeed continue now that most hpuseholds already bought their pet? I predict a quick death! But what do I know? What a pity to the shareholders, Oliver Mervil-Rose (50%), Eline Shalloe (32%) and actor Blake Briggon (16%).
Request & Share
Requested: Cassenda Swims
(Has she found love yet?) We all know the Swims story from previous gossip, the family had its share of misbeaving Sims. Cassenda (37) might be one of the less bothered, at least I don't know of any huge mistakes as of yet. She runs the local Medical Center, and she was nearly thrown out from the Swims residence at 1 Dragon View when her monster sister Ursa returned from SimCity. I happen to know that Cassenda Swims now found love in one of the hood's most successful young men, Mr Altung Brybrey! In fact, they just married and plan to move to a new house at 3 Simmer Heights. They will share the house with Brybrey seniors. The household will then run 3 - three- different community businesses, so I think the question isn't whether Cassenda found love, but if she will find enough time to enjoy the love she just found! I'm sorry, but I predict the marriage will not last.
Nelly Wolmipot, the woman who caused Simmerville's first divorce, was seen pregnant again! Speculations on who the father can be are in place, because Ms Wolnipot lives alone with her two daughters, and I heard of no boyfriend yet! Let's just hope she won't stire up things in Simmerville again!

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