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Updated on local simday 67 / November 30, 2006

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Olivia Hoover got a dog
Successful actress, Olivia Hoover (34) has moved into a rental townhouse, as she was joined by a new furry mate, a chihuahua named Coco. Moving to a larger house might also include plans on being joined by a boyfriend?

Josie Harlow pays huge fine
Ms Harlow had to pay §50.000 in order to keep her house. When I asked her how she deals with it, she replied: "Though I may have lost my court case the main thing on my mind was possibly losing my house. The fine, although rather alot, I can manage to pay. I am just happy that the matter is now resloved."

Carla Niven divorced
Designer Carla Niven (Palatial Heights) has divorced from rock star Wolf Graza. Mr Graza has escaped from it all, and was observed in a distant town, south, I think.
Superwife wearing dirty shoes
iAnyone considering to join the new Housewives Society founded by Mrs. Tess Appleton (48) should be interested to learn that Mrs Appleton was observed at Mervil Market wearing a pair of very dirty shoes! Well, a little bit dirty. Is it acceptable that someone who proclaim neatness and a good familylife is wearing dirty shoes? I'd say no!
Love & Money
Cecil Shalloe useless but rich?
Son of 2 Advisors, Cecil Shalloe (24), will soon be one of the richest single men in Simmerville, yet he failed to get accepted for University, and he hit rock bottom at school. This week he was even seen fighting inside Gobelin Fashion Store! How fair is it that such a useless guy ends up with all the money? He is already dating a local girl, but I wasn't able to find out who she is even if I called Cecil Shalloe 20 times last night.
Business Life
Best of the Best (I)
Little Shop of Arts has been awarded with the Best of the Best award. Owner, Adrian Hanssen (40), says he plan to focus more on superstar posters in the future. And vases.
Request & Share
Requested: Ursa Swims
What a coincidence - today's requested Sim is the older sister of Cassenda S. Brybrey who was requested yesterday! While Cassenda has got most Simmervillians' sympathy, Ursa is the one to dislike. Uhm, did I say that, I meant it! When Ursa was expelled from University, she settled downtown leaving their mother's house at 1 Dragon View to her sister. But then Ursa changed her mind and threw her sister out, intentionally. Ursa was working at Sasha's Flowers (DT) until she quit. She is now unemployed, living with Mr Charlow Hornsby. I wanted to find out some more, so I snuck into her garden shortly after midnight. There, snoring from her bedroom window, and I was not sure if it was Mr Hornsby or Ms Swims who was snoring! I checked their swimming pool, *filthy*! I checked flowers, *half dead under the snow*! It definitely doesn't look like Ms Swims care a lot. I tried to climb in through their bedroom window (2nd floor), but then Ursa Swims woke up, saw me, and poured a bucket of cold water on me and I fell down and left! Such a friendly woman! *not*
Clocetta Grey (66) was observed at Londoste restaurant celebrating her two daughters' adult birthday. The hostess says the daughters are even uglier than Mrs Grey. One is set to inherite her mum's beauty salon, the other is set to move to Simmerville. 

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