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Updated on local simday 70 / January 21, 2007

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Judy Ballong's new poster
Actress Judy Ballong - known from the Suburb Sims soap, has got a brand new image, and she has printed a new fan poster to be released at Little Shop of Arts next week. 
But why wait a week? I have stolen borrowed her new fan poster to offer it to you right here! So, if you are a fan - click here and install. Then look at the surfer poster.
Miss Simmerville 2006 rescued
The police has rescued Ms Urdly Swims who seems to have been kept priossoner ever since she married to the MacAstral house 10 simdays ago. Her health conditions are serious, she might not survive, and nobody has yet denied that she might have become half alien!
Love & Money
Mr Light marries poor!
Pernold Light (47) who resides the reasonably large house at 2 New Simmer Lane and recently made well with the corporated "Body & Games" downtown, has married. His wife is Melissa Fancey (31), a rather poor woman from SimCity. While Mr Light is rather wealthy ranked number 11 in Simmerville, I suspect he must have been hunting other qualities than money.
Business Life
Marbes Mervil taking over?
The local popular recreation park, Andrew's Stroll, seems to be changing owners. Current owner Sophelia Mervil is stepping back while her daughter Marbes Mervil, who recently graduated from SimState University, might take over business.
Request & Share
Requested: Olivia Hoover
Someone wants me to spy on actress Olivia Hoover (37), well known as Lani of "Pahala Shore". Even if she resides downtown, I'll go for it, because I got a couple questions myself! Like what shoe size does she wear? I headed downtown to find out more!

08:10 AM Departure from Simmerville Bus Station.
09:10 Arriving Clutter Bvd by taxi. I jump out 1 block away from Ms Hoover's house.
09:40 Finding 81 Clutter Bvd where she resides. Oh... the house is owned by Ludmilla Bluzz - Ms Hoover only rents.
09:50 Sneaking behind the scrub just in time to hide - Ms Hoover is leaving home - to work? She gets into her car. Wearing fancy clothes, cool bag & glasses.
09:51 I tie myself to the back of the car, wearing roller blades. I'm coming with you, Ms Hoover!
09:54 She drives like a maniac!!! Help, I lost my glasses!
10:06 She stops her car with no warning, my head smashes into the cold metal. Ouch!
10:41 I must have passed out, because the car is empty, no Ms Hoover anywhere. Where did she go?
10:46 I manage to break into her car - aha - a pair of shoes medium sized! Ouch - I forgot about her dog Coco! It's in the back seat, now flying streight to my face to protect its owner's shoes!
11:20 Arriving Emergency Medical Center, getting some - help.
11:30 Out on the street again, not seeing a thing without my glasses - no where am I?
12:54 Arriving Simmerville Bus Station. I think I should rather organize an interview with this woman!

Ludmilla Bluzz (63) has announced that she plan to build a set of rental luxus flats downtown. No rates given, but I expect the price to be high!

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