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Updated on local simday 69 / December 26, 2006

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Broadway Star opens Lounge
Soon to retire Broadway Star, Simone Rose (56), has opened a new Lounge at one of the new rental businesses at 14 New Simmer Lane. The establishment is named "The Rose" and combines a florist business with a bar intended for showbiz sims. Simona Rose always enjoyed arranging flowers, and expects to earn her golden florist badge tomorrow.
Divorced mother of 3 to shrink
Recently divorced Cassull Swims (50), was observed visiting a shrink downtown. It is said that she still suffers from the divorce and that she had to sell out parts of her downtown business to meed the charged expenses. I'm convinced she is about to break down and that all her 3 sons will be taken away any second!

Business partners split
Mr Dean Simpley (45) has quit his job at the Simpley Technology store. Customers witnessed a furious man leaving the store in protest when a robot was taking over his job. Neither of the two owners, Nr Dean Simpley or Mr Brawn Simpley, wanted to comment. I think they will never again speak.
Love & Money
Mr Moulino facing trouble?
The forever single, Rick Moulino (40), might be facing problems if he doesn't find a wife rather soon. Being this wealthy and still single requires investigations. It's said that the Moulinos never hire service sims, which might be his problem. A future wife will need to keep the house without the help from a maid. There are rumours that Simmerville Hood will soon disallow single sim households. This means that if Mr Moulino doesn't find a wife, he will need to let to renters.
Business Life
Briggon Carpets hit rank 10
The very first business in Simmerville to reach the top rank. Briggon Carpets did succeed ever since the start, and was also the first business to receive the Best of the Best reward. The owner, Steven B. Brybrey (67), is now too old and sick to work, and his son Altung Brybrey who already took over Briggon Carpets' downtown store, is expected to take over the local store as well.
Request & Share
Requested: Jadira Glitz
Someone wants me to find out who Jadira Glitz (23) really is, and I'm not surprised because this young woman is a total beauty. I expect her to knock on my door as soon as she becomes adult! Ms Jadira Glitz is the youngest daughter of celeb couple, Sherard and Emilda Glitz. I snuck into her garden to find out more!

08:50 AM Hiding behind a tree as Jadira and her twin brother come running down the longwinding stairs to reach the school bus. Private school uniform.
09:45 Climbed the wall to look inside through a window.
09:46 Fell down. A large spotted dog attacked me with kisses.
10:11 A nearly naked Emilda Glitz appeared in the kitchen window. Not a pretty sight!
13:04 Jadira returned from school. Looked happy with her grades.
13:11 Heared Jadira talking on her cell phone with a friend, obviously Bell Shalloe, they plan to go bowling this weekend.
13:16 Checked the trash can, No diapers. Ergo, no secret babies in this household.
15:03 Jadira rushing down those stairs again to reach her carpool. I put on my rollerblades, got a grip on the car, and followed them to Mr Rick Moulino! Jadira is hired as a cashier at Mr Moulino's Garden Lab. Will they be romancing when she gets a bit older?
14:12 Had to leave to write on mt upcoming success novel, "All about my VIP mum".

Brandon Bluzz (73), the wealthiest Sim in Simmerville's downtown, died today! His last will favours §548.800 to each of his daughters, Alexia and Staisa Bluzz (downtown), but also §50.000 to our local Lucy Bluzz, in the name of her two son.

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