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Updated on local simday 72 / March 10, 2007

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Sylvia Gobelin for Studio
Well known photographer Sylvia Gobelin (70) was hired by Simmerville Studio, Inc. to manage the first simdays of the new Studio. By accident I hacked into a new site that must be of interest to studio fans. The site doesn't look finished yet, but anyway I'm glad to notice that MY page will always be lots better!

Olivia Hoover's new lover?
Actress Olivia Hoover (38) already got a dog named Coco. But now she has got an additional pet, named Jonathan Hanssen (41)! Yes, it's legendary BB Hanssen's grandson who has moved in with Ms Hoover. Officially he is hired as her privat buttler, but I heard it all before, we all know there is something more to it, don't we!
Urdly left the medical center
When Ms Urdly Swims (45) was rescued from the MacAstral house, she was hardly alive. Now she has recovered enough to move into a rental home at Test Lane. She brought her twins, and tonight I heard her screaming (I'm her neighbour!!!) as she gave birth to more kids. Are they alien kids this time?
Love & Money
Ugly couple married
The adopted Oliver Mervil-Rose (31) finally married his girlfriend since long, Claudia Gray (30). She is the daughter of very ugly ex-model Clocetta Gray. I say no more! Their future kids might be offered a job in the circus! Oliver is sole heir to the house at 4 Simmer Heights and manages the local pet shop.
Business Life
Medical Center for sale?
Cassenda S. Brybrey (42) might be forced to sell her Medical Center now that a new law is on the way, each household can only operate one community lot per day. After she married to Altung Brybrey, this household owns and operates THREE businesses. I doubt that Mr Brybrey is willing in selling one of his Briggon Carpet stores.
Request & Share
Requested: Mubu MacAstral
One of my millions of fans asks me to spy on the blue skinned 1/4 alien Mubu M. Gothier (40). WOW! If she was still at the MacAstral house I'd say nooooo thank you, but as I heard Mubu moved downtown, I decided to jump on the bus once again!

08:10 AM Departure from Simmerville Bus Station.
09:00 Arriving SimCity Central Station.
09:05 Asking a starving old man on the steeet if he ever saw a blue skinned woman. He did, and I gave him §1.
10:14 The poor man had suggested a small house at Minduza Lane, I walked all the lane reading door bells, and voila! The Gothiers resides at 31 Minduza Lane!
10:20 The front door opens, I need to hide!!!
10:21 Hiding in the trash can
10:22 Someone tears off the top, fills the trash can with old garbage including rottening fish and chicken heads! Yuck!
10:24 They didn't see me, but they stand next to the trash can so I need to stay quiet! Whot??? A girl's voice? No wait, two girls singing and playing? But this is not possible!
14:51 The girls finally walked inside. I crawl out from the filthy trash can. I sneak up to the window - ahhh! I see one of the two girls, she is dark skinned and her faces unveils alien genetics! Next to her, the zombie, Mr Stephan Gothier. But where is the blue Mubu?
14:53 Front door suddenly opens, I dive into a terrible shrub with lots of pins, hiding. Mubu Gothier is leaving the house in a hurry, cab arrives, the zombie comes running but I don't know if he cries or talks as she drivres off without him.
15:17 I'm on the bus back to Simmerville. Now I really need a shower! I don't understand how Mubu can have 2 girls who just started school? Zombies can't reproduce!
16:40 Finally at home. Just to find out that the hood has water restrictions at Test Lane today! Well, I'll save that shower for tomorrow!

Ludmilla Bluzz (63) has announced that she plan to build a set of rental luxus flats downtown. No rates given, but I expect the price to be high!

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