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Updated on local simday 72 / March 13, 2007

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Judy Ballong not nominated
Our local actress Judy Ballong (49) was not Sim Oscars nominated for her Suburb Sims character, Rachel. She claims she is not disappointed, and that she is busy like never before. She just shot a perfume commercial at Simmerville Studio.

Sim Oscars
3rd annual Sims Oscars can be watched over at Palatial Heights.
Mrs Mubu (MacAstral) Gothier (41) has returned to reside 5 Hunter Road. That is where Urdly MacAstral was found locked up in the attic. After my exceptional gossips column on simday 71, police checked and found two girls who might also be born by Urdly, who was found with 2 babies, and who gave birth to 2 more babies right after being rescued. Did she have 6 kids with the dead 1/4 blue alien, Harvis MacAstral? There are rumours Mubu Gothier will be arrested for kidnapping those two girls. A huge trial might be coming up...
Love & Money
Mr Mervil engaged
The young Bross Mervil (35) is engaged to April Briggon (38). Bross Mervil is rather poor, still awaiting the lovely heritage from his not-yet dead parents. Ms Briggon lives downtown and although she was born in Simmerville, she is not yet approved immigration because the hood is full.
Business Life
No more local pet shop?
I've been investigating Simmerville Pet Shop, and it's obviously no good business! Where are the customers? When all households already bought a cat or dog and many have kittens and puppies even, who needs this pet shop? Sorry Oliver Mervil-Rose (32) it looks like you should better get a decent job!
Request & Share
Requested: Carol Swims
A regular reader has request some special information on Ms Carol Swims (33)! This time I did not need to travel far, in fact I could just get seated - with my mini telescope - on my own terrace! Ms Carol Swims, granddaughter of late baby expert Ursull Swims, and sister of the disturbed Miss Simmerville 2006, has moved in next door to help her older sister.

09:45 AM Getting seated with a perfect view to 4 of the windows to the rental house next door - at 4 Test Lane. Seems quiet...
09:46 Intense baby cry... someone who looks like Carol Swims enters the tiny nursery upstairs, picking up a baby, they leave the room.
09:47 Another baby cries... a person that must be ex Miss Simmerville, Urdly MacAstral, picks up another baby... and leaves the room.
09:49 I notice there is a toddler crawling about in the garden. Oh, there is another toddler upstairs! I heard Urdly MacAstral had 4 kids with the dead alien man.
10:02 A big car stops outside the house... it's not a carpool... Ahh... someone throws out two girls, then drives off in a hurry. Girls are crying... oh noooooo! They are the two girls who threw fish garbage on my head when I spied on Mubu Gothier downtown, yesterday! So it WAS Urdly MacAstral's kids then, and not Mubu Gothier's kids. I knew that.
10:09 Ending my session, relaxing on bed instead. Happy to know that I helped the Police tracing those wo girls, but not so happy to have 6 - SIX - kids in the house next door! Carol Swims will be worn out within 3 days!

Mr Stewart K. Mazaloom has left his wife and daughter, and moved in with the infamous Ms Nelly Wolmipot. Rumours say that she just gave birth to Mr Mazaloom's child.

Babya Community Centre:
Local TV chef Starry Eyes appears to be starting a home based
business-selling fresh produce. Rumor has it-its name: Starry Fruits

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