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3 Simmer Heights

This house was built by Altung Brybrey, starting on simday 67. The location is superb, including one of the hood's very best views. The house is greatly sized for a large family. Downstairs is livingroom, large kitchen, bathroom, library, TV-room and a hall. Upstairs is 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a large hall that can give room for an additional bathroom if needed. Upstairs is a nice terracce, and the garden that includes a nice pool and a fruit garden can be accessed both from the kitchen and the living room.
Recent Households
1. (67-): Altung Brybrey (from 8 New Simmer Lane)
Recent Owners
4. (67-): Altung Brybrey
3. (41-66): Brigar Goth (son of 2)
2. (27-40): Rebecka (Goth) Mervil (sister of 1, daughter of late Edgar Wilfred Mervil)
1. (1-26): Brion Mervil