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Updated on local simday 76 / July 13, 2007

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New local shootin star?
April Briggon (42) is confirmed to host the upcoming Soap Box show. This will be a big step onwards for Ms Briggon, who works with cartoons these days. She is daughter of old Germine Briggon, another famous hostess.

Hoover signs with Studio
Actress Olivia Hoover (43), SimCity, known for playing Lani on the Pahala Shores show, has signed a contract with Simmerville Studio. Ms Hoover will appeare in a fitness commercial.
Hard to make up your mind?
The sweet and single Jadira Glitz (30) has inherited Lake Ellie's shares and plans to work there as a manager. But she also works at Garden Lab, and now she is set to move in at Trogernick Hospitz. Good for the guys who lives at the hospitz, I might add...
Love & Money
Will he marry the rich widdow?
I got proof! I know that old Phillion Montpellier (72) is dating the extremely wealthy Ludmilla Bluzz (), downtown. Even if Mr Montpellier will not inherite her, he might be doing the right thing! Go for it old man! Tomorrow you might be dead!
Business Life
Benefiting from her name?
Numerous voices claim that Petunia Gobelin (30) should never have been hired to manage the Gobelin Fashion store. She inherited shares both from her uncle and her father, and now she holds the majority of shares. The other share holders are said not to be able to affect the case: - Petunia Gobelin had absolutely no experience nor perks and had to hire a cashier. Our investments are lost! This is the end to a traditional business!
Request & Share
Meadow H. Brybrey

Someone out there just needs to know about Meadow H. Brybrey (42). She moved to Simmerville a while ago when marrying the local Garmund Brybrey. So, I dressed up as a carrot and walked over to 8 New Simmer Lane.

7:00 PM Walking over to 8 New Simmer Lane - next to the Hornsby residence, and accross the lane lives actress Simona Rose.
7:04 Hiding behind a shrub
7:07 Oh, so lucky, a carpool stops, out comes Meadow Brybrey wearing her drive through clerk uniform! Oh my, she is crying! If I'm not wrong she said, - I hate-hate-hate this job!
7:12 Meadow rushed inside, I sneak up to the windw. Inside I see her hugging and playing with her toddler daughter Audrey. Ouch - what's there behind me? A dog? Two angry dogs!!!
7:16 I escaped up on a tall stone next to the little fishing pond, dogs barking... ai... I can't balance like this... I slip... down into the pond.
7:24 What a terrible simday. Those dogs didn't leave me alone for hours. Meadow too busy with her daughter to notice. I finally escaped, a dripping wet carrot...
7:45 At home, dry clothes, warm tomato juice!

Simmington Hills:
Rumors are that Dr. Trinity Higgins poisoned Nick Michels, Business Adv.  She was seen going to the back of his apartment, and was there when the poisoning took place.  She may be indicted soon.

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