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15 Old Simmer Lane: Gobelin Fashion, Inc.

Welcome to Simmerville's finest clothing store!

Opening hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 9AM-5PM
Price level: Expensive

Founded by Stewart Gobelin before the TS2 revolution (web store only), Gobelin Fashion is Simmerville's oldest clothing store and also the largest. We offer clothing to all Sims who think that quality matters more than costs.

We also promote custom designed clothing, visit our website to download for free.

Simday 70: Gobelin Fashion now offers pet collars from Fifi Fashion!
We are registred with Mazaloom Stock Exchange.
Recent Owners
5. (89-): Petunia Gobelin (50%), Stephan Gobelin (30%), Bell Shalloe (20%)
4. (74-88): Bart Gobelin (63%), Stephan Gobelin (13%), Petunia Gobelin (13%)

3. (61-73): Baltus Gobelin (75%), Bart Gobelin (12.5%), Stephan Gobelin (12.5%)
2. (34-60): Baltus Gobelin (simday 47 he had to pay §61.486 to keep the lot (new OFB standard)
1. (1-33): Stewart Gobelin