Hi, I'm Petunia Gobelin, I'm 3rd generation to operate Gobelin Fashion. When my uncle Baltus died, the store was turned into a shareholders company. .I focus on the store, not on designs for this web shop.

Baltus Gobelin, 2nd generation to run the local studio and store. He was an artist like his father, Stewart.

Gobelin Fashion was founded by Stewart Gobelin back in the old flat world.
Gobelin Fashion: Clothing for all

My TS1 shop with about 200 outfits is here ,

Like my dad, also my goal will be to offer outfits to go with a Sim's personal lifestyle and interests, rather than to add to the huge collection of wonderful works created by others. Our philosophy is that the 500th silk dress is not as interesting as the 1st dress made of a potato sack fabric. A personal style is important for successful clothing. Of course we like to create something beautiful, too...

Here in my shop you will find all my creations presented, but only the latest creations will be available for download. Gobelin Fashion also runs a store at 14 Old Simmer Lane, Simmerville.

In the works
July 2008 / Simday 87: Gobelin Fashion no longer design clothes for this webshop. If we make an exception, it will be published on Simmerville's front page.
February 28 2006: Pet Brick T-shirt (female/male child, TS2)
Kids love their pet brick so much and they like to express it. And some kids don't have a pet brick yet and long for the day thay will own one. They need to express their wish, too! If you were a child in need of a pet brick, wouldn't you like to wear one of these cute t-shirts? Includes 4 variations for girls and 4 for boys.  Click here to download all 8 (1,6MB)

January 29 2006: Long arm tops for boys (male child, TS2)
Parents are conserned that most clothing stores hardly provides tops with long arms for their kids. So, I created a few long arm tops for boys. Click here to download all 4 (783k)

January 22 2006: Long arm tops for girls (female child, TS2)
In most hoods it's Winter and parents are conserned that most clothing stores hardly provides tops with long arms for their kids. So, I created a few long arm tops. These are for girls, boys will follow in a few days. Click here to download all 4 (783k)

February 21 2005: No arm shirt + jacket (female adult, TS2)
These shirts with no arms look quite cool in action. Comes in 3 different colours. Warm jacket and top. Comes in 3 different combinations.  Click here to download all 6 (1,5Mb)
December 7 2004: Top with long arm (female adult, TS2)
These simple tops come in five different patterns. Perhaps not your first choice for a party, but we do want to look good on an ordinary day, too, don't we? Click here to download all 5.
October 21 2004: Recolours (female adult)
Sorry, but these outfits were taken off the main archive andare no longer available. They might be available on this page later on or on request.
September 29 2004: New Simmerville top
The first time you saw Simmerville's new logo might have been on Bimbo NL's cool top when she visited the future in order to check the espresso. It took place before anyone had transformed, and before Simmerville's new site launced September 10th. The logo is actually in use by the county of Mazaloom, where Simmerville happens to be the busy spot. I'll leave it to Mazaloom Historical Society to introduce you to what the 4 circles and the x-mark symbolize. What is interesting to Gobelin Fashion is that this top became very popular in this area during the transformation. If you like to try it on, feel free to click the links just above each of the four columns. Note that only the 4 blue versions (on top) are available at the Main Storage, and the other variations are available here for a limited time, only.

These downloads are zipped package files. They should be extracted to a folder named "thesims2/downloads"



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