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Updated on local simday 75 / June 25, 2007

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Tania leaves MMAM
Although she left Simmerville long ago, we always kept an eye on her progress in the Make Me A Model show. Tania Hanssen made it through half the rounds, but had to leave due to lack of votes. That's what happens to girls who think they can just go out there and become famous - it's not that easy Ms Hanssen!

New Studio manager
Simmerville Studio has got a new manager, Glorietta Wooblershield (29). She has an Art degree from Sim State University, and currently works in Business. Her first job will be to produce the Soap Box show - now, how bad will that turn out, hah!
Did Mrs Hanssen want to die?
Of course not! Or just maybe? Janel Hanssen (49) was killed in a thunderstorm while walking a dog. They say she hated the family's dogs, so why would she walk that dog during a thunderstorm? I just need to ask, did she know what was coming? Was she too depressed from pushing her sick twin sister, Urdly MacAstral, through the trial in court? We will never get the answer, will we? I might be totally right!
Love & Money
Mr Lucky Lucky?
Cecil Shalloe (32), son of Eline Shalloe, is engaged to Petunia Gobelin (29) as of today. Rumours say the couple will marry on simday 76, and move in at the huge Gobelin residence at 17 Old Simmer Lane. Tat gives us 24 hrs to wreck their plans, or do we want the richest family and the most powerful family to merge like this? I will let you all know if I see Mr Cecil flirt around with others than his fiancé - and you should tell me too!
Business Life
Restaurant expands
Johanna's Kitchen is expanding. The establishment has made use of a larger part of the garden, and they also stop selling prepared group meals. Guests are now charged per hour and will be served one warm meal and one dessert according to a weekly menu. Annalica Grumblin also will sell fresh home grown fruit and berries, but Saturdays only.
Request & Share
Susan Gibbon

Are you guys putting me to a test? Don't you think that I know every single Sim residing Simmerville, and that I know all those names, too? So why do someone request that I spy on a woman named Susan Gibbon? I never heard about that name, she can't be spied on! Okay, if you don't believe me, I'll guide you through all the local resident indexes. If you can find her, I will pay you §1 simoleon!

Official household index
On there you will find all current households in the hood, sorted by networth. Now, don't mind that I'm listed that far down - I do have... some secret assets!
Note there is a separate index for downtown households, where each street is cathered on one page each, you can still point all portraits to see a Sim's name, though.
There is also a hood overview service where you click on a house to enter the same household info that was accessed above.

Family trees
On the startpage you will find a complete index listing individuals living not only in Simmerville, but also downtown. You can choose to see one lifestage at the time, ie teens only.

The career lists
Here you will find all adult/elderly residents that works or should be working. They are sorted by career, and within each career they are sorted by community score.

If you find Susan Gibbon in any of those lists, I'll pay you §10! If you find anyone else you would like me to spy on, just fill in the form below!

Sim City has opened a new iceskating rink for visitors. I stopped by to see who did well and not so well skating, but there is nothing to report!

Ms Nelly Wolmipot just had a child and the father is Mr Stewart K. Mazaloom. He was divorced from Sasha Mazaloom. It's talk of town, Ms Wolmipot is not very popular at the moment!

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