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1 Bendic Lane

This house is not based on the original builds of the old lot (1 Simmerville), but it still holds much of the same atmosphere. For a long time all rooms were on one floor, but the 3rd owner expanded into the attic, mostly  within the existing construction in order to give room for the business convertion. Downstairs we find the livingroom, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and in addition there is the restaurant section including bathroom section. Upstairs are just 2 small rooms and a bathroom, good for teenager bedrooms etc. This is currently the only house at Bendic Lane. Read more about the restaurant below.
Home Business: 
Johanna's Kitchen

Opening hours: Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun: 12AM to 8PM.
Price level: §10 entrance fee.

Welcome to a local meeting place with long culinary traditions! We serve home made warm food and desserts twice every day in our recently expanded outdoors. We charge a small entrance fee but you can eat as much as you like, and socialize with other guests.

On Saturdays we sell locally grown fresh fruits and berries!
(Our delicatessy sale was shut down on simday 74).

MENU - Johanna's Kitchen *)
1st serving at 12AM 2nd serving at 4PM Extras
Wednesday Chef's Salad
Mimosa cake
Thursday Chef's Salad
Pork chops
Crepes Suzette
Gray Sims
Friday Chef's Salad
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake
TEEN night
Saturday Pepperoni Pie
Berry Pie
Chili Con Carne
Strawberry & Banana Cream cake
Fruits/berries sales
Sunday Pancakes
Layer cake
Baked Alaska
*) Valid simday 75-90.    **) 1st serving might include leftovers from the day before.

Simday 73: Due to changing temperatures we are forced to rebuild Johanna's Kitchen which will result in closing of our delicatessy sales. We will now only serve free meals like a warm meal, a cake and free coffee. If we choose to introduce a ticket system your entrance will be granted very cheap. In order to serve only the best, we like to cooperate with local farmers and fishermen. The outdoor restaurant will be expanded and either built-in, or run only from mid Spring to mid Autumn. We depend on you, just like we depended on your grandparents! Please check back for news!

(Age of Pets) Johanna's Kitchen reached rank 10

On simday 50 (Age of Business) Johanna's Kitchen opened a new delecatessy sale, where you can buy group meal dinners to eat at home. We always offer 2 or 3 variations. Our focus is dinners, but on most days you can buy a cake here too.

Recent Households
3. (45-): Annalica Grumblin
2. (16-44): Esther (Hedgewood) Grumblin
1. (1-15): Steve Grumblin
Recent Owners
3. (45-): Annalica Grumblin
2. (16-44): Esther (Hedgewood) Grumblin (widow of 1)
1. (1-15): Steve Grumblin
Bendic Lane, was named after Bendic Crawston, one of the local heroes who died aged 20 during the secret Operation Space, just before TS2.

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot origined from the huge land owned by the Grumblins, covering 9 lots up north of the old Simmerville. 95 years before TS2 the land was split, and Stanam Grumblin was heir to 3 lots including this one which was addressed 1 Simmerville. Stanam married Estalia Joob of Betterville, they produced gnomes and kept chicken. They had 4 children, Adam, Alan, Paran and Frederica, who all stayed in Simmerville.

Adam Grumblin married Alica Pouley from Testville, they still kept chicken but got most of their income from business and medicine. They had 2 children, Steve and Gisalia. Steve Grumblin was a sailor, but 27 years before TS2 he settled and married the local Johanna Farmer. Together they founded the home based restaurant "Johanna's Kitchen" - still one of the hood's most popular meeting spots.