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Updated on local simday 74 / April 28, 2007

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Tania leaves MMAM
Simmerville born Tania Hanssen was recently thrown out of the Make Me A Model show. Ms Hanssen is daughter of legendary wallpaper designer, BB Hanssen, and has relatives still residing Simmerville. She has no plans of returning to Simmerville, but will most likely settle in Simborough. 

Emilda Glitz is dead
Long time celebrity, Emilda Glitz, died tonight aged 71. She was best know for being Simmerville's webmaster for about 30 simdays, but she was also a quite successful actress best known for herone-woman show "When a Dog Kissed a Frog", and of course for her marriage with Sherard Glitz. 
Do someone want to kill her?
After being featured at the new Soap Box series, Mrs Tess Appleton (55) received an anonymous note in her mail. She refuses to talk about it, but I'm pretty sure she was told to shut up in a bad way. Do they want to kill her for putting Ms Nelly Wolmipot in such a bad light? Soap Boxes can be slippy, Mrs Appleton!
Love & Money
Returns to marry rich?
Local born April Briggon (40), daughter og Germine and Blake Briggon, has been staying downtown ever since graduation, but is engaged to local Bross Mervil who resides at 4 Mervil Farm. April is now returning to old grounds, in fact she grew up at the neighbouring lot. If they marry April will become the first dark skinned Mervil - ever!
Business Life
Forced to close Pet Shop?
When the Stock Exchange requires each registered company to be worth at least §100.000 many local businesses will be facing problems. Their value can only be increased if they manage to expand the number of shares by finding new investors. Simmerville Pet Shop is worth only §50910 and will need to double its value, something that might be too hard and force them to close down for good. Manager Oliver Mervil-Rose might need to look for another job. Also Toys'n'Joys will be in trouble!
Request & Share
Duchess Hornsby

What a silly request - a dog! Don't you someone realize how valuable my time is? Well, one day spying on one of Mrs Susan Hornsby's dog I can handle!

09:00 AM Walking over to 10 New Simmer Lane - perhaps the nicest private house of the hood! I wouldn't mind living there. If a dog can, why can't I?
09:18 Hiding behind a shrub. There is the dogs house, empty. Mrs Hornsby's dogs live inside the real house!
09:22 Door opens, out walks one, no two... no wait... 3 dogs! They pee on the lawn, 2 of them play, then I hear Mrs Susan Hornsby's voice calling the dogs back in. They are miniature poodles, appearantly Duchess is the oldest with a pink ribbon around her neck.
09:24 All 3 dogs marched inside again.
10:04 I sneak closer to the house, then the door suddenly is torn open!
10:05 I managed to sneak into the empty dogs house. Someone is walking outside there...
10:07 I hear Mrs Hornsby now, she commands Duchess and King Arthur to enter the dogs house to ... breed!
10:08 Two dogs climbs into join me in the dogs house, then they notice me, of course and start to bark and bite and ... ouch! They attack me!
10:10 I managed to escape, bleeding and wounded. Good thing is that Mrs Hornsby is no longer outside, I gotta get out of here!
10:14 Heading back home. I think Duchess is a silly dog, and I never want to see her again!

Sim City has opened a set of very tiny sheds for homeless Sims at Shaddow End. Only two of those sheds are occupied as of today. The rent is very cheap and I think It's a lot better to live here at Test Lane!

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