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10 New Simmer Lane

This is one of the hoods largest residential builds, built only 59 years before TS2. Today's house is based on the original. Downstairs there is kitchen, dining, livingroom, library, 2 bathrooms and a small senior section (bedroom + living). Upstairs there is 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a terrace. The outdoors is nicely arranged with a pool and bbc area. Because the lot is lower than the New Simmer Lane the view from the garden is limited, but from the upstairs terrace they can see all the way down to the Simmer River.
Recent Households
3. (58-): Susan Hornsby
2. (21-57): Johnny CS Hornsby
1. (1-20): Sven Hornsby
Recent Owners
3. (58-): Susan Hornsby (daughter of 2)
2. (21-57): Johnny CS Hornsby (adopted son of 1)
1. (1-20): Sven Hornsby

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot was founded 95 years before TS2 so we like to include a little information anyway. The first to clear the land was Raolius Gobelin (died 59 years before TS2). He rented the lot from Josella Grumblin as this was a part of the huge Grumblin land up north. Raolus Gobelin grew cabbage, and he did rather well. He and wife Loucia Hedgewood had 2 children, Stes and Bella. When Raolius died 59 years before TS2, the owner sold this lot to the Hornsby family.

Swey Hornsby (born 91 years before TS2) bought the house. He was a wealthy man, he improved the house greatly and grew cabbage and kept pigs. He married Claire Hillhill from a very distant hood, they had only one son, Albert Hornsby, who took over the house 38 years before TS2.

Albert Hornsby married non-local Henny Gross. They reduced the farm produce and focused on finances and business instead, still doing very well. They had 2 sons, Sven and Ronny. 8 years before TS2 there was a tragic car accident with the entire family involved. Only Sven Hornsby survived. He kept the house, and today it is his adopted son Johnny CS Hornsby who owns and resides it.