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8 New Simmer Lane

This house is often referred to as the Hedgewood House. It is rather small but after the current owner built a 2nd floor into the already existing attic, it's perfectly sized for a regular household. Downstairs we find the livingroom, a huge kitchen, bathroom and study. 2nd floor contains 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The house is built below the street level which means the view down to Dragon View is limited. And it doesn't help that the sundeck is located behind the house. On the other hand, this lot holds future possiblilities in a field that is yet not touched.
Recent Households
4. (67-): Garmund Brybrey
3. (31-66): Agatha Brybrey
2. (21-30): Marie (Mazza) Mingonge (to 9 Old Simmer Lane)
1. (1-20): Haijn Mingonge (to 1 New Simmer Lane)
Recent Owners
4. (67-): Garmund Brybrey (son of 3)
3. (31-66): Agatha Brybrey
2. (21-30): Marie (Mazza) Mingonge (divorced wife of 1)
1. (1-20): Haijn Mingonge

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot is historical as it was built 116 years before TS2. Back then a man named Artes Hedgewood (died 88 years before TS2) built a house whilch was a little smaller than today's build, but still housed a household of 5 sims. Mr Hedgewood was a wealthy man from Betterville, his wife Bella Landgraab descended from a successful SimCity family. When they arrived Simmerville they first rented the house, but 6 years later the owner, Anid Bluzz, sold the house to them. This lot was old 68 Simmerville.

Artes and Bella Hedgewood had 3 children, Loucia married to one of the local Gobelin sons, son Christian moved to Windmill Heights, and their oldest son Sebastian inherited this house.

Mr Sebastian Hedgewood (died 41 years before TS2) married Olivia Mythe (from Slemmon Heights), they worked with education but ther ewas also a small elderberry nectar produce on this lot. They did well and all their 3 children established in Simmerville. Perhaps is their daughter Cruela best known as she married the legendary Edgar Wilfred Mervil (Ol'Ed). This house was inherited by the son Arteus.

Mr Arteus Hedgewood was a business man, he married Alponella Mox (of Goodhill) and they had just one son, Sebastian. There was still some elderberry nectar produced on this lot, but not much. His wife was a teacher. Their son Sebastian inherited the house 41 years before TS2, he did very well with his businesses, married the rather poor Selma Broggon (of Betterville), they had 1 son Apobe and 1 daughter Anilla. They expanded the house.

Apobe Hedgewood married Tutta Clemp, but they had no children. When Apobe died only 2 years before TS2, the widow sold and moved downtown with Apobe's old father.

The new owners were the siblings Haijn and Huin Mingonge. They immigrated from Orientia to Simmerville 2 years before TS2. Shortly after TS2 Huin married to the local Garton Tammer, and Haijn married a pizza girl named Marie Mazza. However, they split shortly after having a daughter, and Haijn moved out. A few simdays later Marie Mazza Mingonge sold and moved to the Moulinos at 9 Old Simmer Lane. This house was vacant until the current owner, Agatha Brybrey moved in. Today her household counts 4 sims.