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5 Simmer Heights

This is a very interesting house built on simday 34. The lot holds its own story due to the old mysterious cottage (see below). The old build was saved as the pink build covers little ground, but still gives good room for the couple living there. 1st floor: living, bedroom and bathroom. 2nd floor: kitchen/dining, bathroom and terrace.

The current owner says there ought to be a build step 2 in order to expand the house some.

Recent Households
2. (74-): 0 Gobelin
1. (34-73): Baltus Gobelin
Recent Owners
3. (74-): 0 Gobelin (stepson of 2)
2. (34-73): Baltus Gobelin (son of 1)
1. (1-33): Angela (Mervil) Gobelin

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot holds a special story. Nobody knows for sure how old the little cottage is, it was not known back in the flat world, and when Simmerville transmitted to TS2 the little cottage wasn't even discovered until Ms Mollie MacAstral trapped a ble alien here. Some time later Mrs Marta Mervil was found dead on this lot. And, very recent, a member of the current household was abducted by a UFO from the terrace. Many Sims now believe that the lot, half way into the Simmervillian forests, holds secrets beyond anyone's imagination!