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Updated on local simday 79 / October 30, 2007

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Judy Ballong's vacation home
Actress Judy Ballong (56) has bought a §50000 vacation home on the Twikkii Island beach.  The house has 3 bedrooms, two terraces and a huge bbq patio.

Broken engagement
Soap Box hostess April Briggon (45) and Bross Mervil (42) has broken their engangement, but still live together at 4 Mervil Farm. Was she too busy recording Soap Box, thatis announced to aire this week?
Forced to sell out?
Cole Beartop (51) seems to be facing finacial trouble. Isn't the toy store business at Old Hunter's Lodge going well? Today his wife, Bianca, had a yard sale selling loads of old furniture from her late parents' home. Bianca's grandmother was Juliana Valentino, so with some luck you might have bought Mrs Valentino's toilet!
Love & Money
Not just a rumour?
Stacian Bluzz (36) is still single, but has been seen downtown dating with numurous women. One is actress Lulu Disagracé, who should be rich enough to match young Mr. Bluzz. Another is recently divorced model Clodelle Healton. Time will tell. Isn't it beautiful when money and love matc?
Business Life
She had enough!
Cassull Swims (60) has quit her job managing downtown club Lucky Shack Cards & Drink. She still owns the share majority though. Cassull Swims plans to take up painting, and was given the job to paint all former spokes sims of Simmerville.
Request & Share
Juston Snakespeare

Ah, bless you, bless you! Finally someone with a good brain, requested me to spy on the successfully fantastic journalist, Juston Snakespeare (45). He is one of the hood's most popular residents - if not the most popular! Ah, well... okay, that is me - now how do I spy on myself? Don't worry, I always know my way!

11:00 AM I don't bother to dress today, I think I'll be working at home! I sneak out of bed, sit down on a chair observing the bed - ah, the bed where the famous Juston Snakespeare use to live! Jus a few seconds ago he was in that bed! In fact, a museum might be interested!
11:10 AM I hear a sound from the bathroom - then I open the door - and right there in the mirror he is!!! I stand still, hoping he will not notice me! He stares into the mirror, just like I do. What IS he thinking? About heis success? About the next STAR issue? Maybe he plans the most shocking article ever!
11:35 AM I left the bathroom because suddenly he - or I - turned off the light. I'm not quite sure who did it, I'm  sure nobody could thell in the dark!
12:21 AM I find myself sitting at the breakfast table. What? I'm sitting here in Mr Snakespeare's kitchen! What if he suddenly walks in? I better hide. But where?
12:54 AM Oh no, Mr Snakespeare's cat Lisa has noticed me! She nbegs me to pet her, oh, she trusts strangers!!! That's a bad thing!
1:07 PM A young dark haired man comes into the room, a student! Oh no, it's Frank Motoflame, son of Mr Snakespeares' dead partner, Hollie! Oh, hurry, he must not see me sneak around here in their home! I open the window. Climbs up, sneaks my body out through the window. I fall down onto a shrub full of roses and torns. From the living room I hear Frank - Juston, was that you? What are u up to?

Olivia Hoover was seen shopping clothes at Cold Issue Clothing. She is said to leave town for a modelling job up in the mountains, and her buttler will follow. 

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