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Updated on local simday 78 / September 30, 2007

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The Waterman is dead
Blake J. Briggon (76) died tonight at the Bon Voyage Retirement Home. His movie "The Waterman" was a huge success, and lately he has been seen as Willis on the Pahala Shores soap. His family has aproved that he might appear on episodes that were shot already. Rest you old star! 

WTG guides
3 Guides have beed hired to organise WTG Travels' group tours. They are:
Ronald Bluzz, Three Lakes
Blaise Briggon, Twikkii Island
Cleopatra Rose, Takemizu Village.
More hidden alien children?
Mubu M. Gothier (47) was already taken to court once for hiding several of her late brother's children. She now lives with her zombie husband at the weedy MacAstral House. Lately several locals say they once again heard the sounds af babies coming from that house. The police might be planning a new razzia as we speak, are there even more kids, or could it be an alien ghost baby crying from the other side? 
Love & Money
Ex-spokes sim's tragedy
Ex-spokes sim Eline Shalloe (67), these days to be decorating the Hood Admin's walls, is facing a very bad family situation. Her not yet married daughter, Bell Shalloe (30) is pregnant, and is reported to be too sick for a last second wedding. I will of course not spread this rumour, but sometimes the truth must be passed on; MS. SHALLOE IS UNMARRIED AND PREGNANT! (*caugh*)
Business Life
Long live The Rose!
Simona Rose (65), has closed her popular jetset bar, The Rose, due to her ten days rental periode is up. But the hood council has reorganized the Listher Business Complex slightly, and Simona's bar will be kept as is for the future renters. So, even if the bar might no longer be run by a superstar, head over to have a drink at The Rose!
Request & Share
Stephan Gobelin

One of my all time super big fans wants me to spy on Stephan Gobelin (45). He is Simmerville's Spokes Sim, and he is facing more protests than any earlier spokes Sim did.

9:10 AM I dressed up in my cucumber costume and arrive Mervil Market where Mr Gobelin works every day. Vegetables all over! He will not notice me!
09:20 I hide next to a fresh food stand. I want to listen to what his customers say!
09:32 A fat woman buys a crate of tomatoes. Never saw her before. She mumbles "Mr Gobelin needs to step back" while she looks around.
09:35 More customers. They talk about the weather. I think they blame the rain on Mr Gobelin.
09:40 Cashier Siliza Fresco runs out from the bakery, she shouts "I quit, I quit! You treat me like a tomatoe!". Customers are gazing. Ah, bless her soul!
09:45 Mr Gobelin approaches the fresh food stands, to restock.
09:50 Ouch, someone has grabbed my foot! Oh no, the fat lady! She whines: "I want this huge cucumber! I want it, is it on sale?"
09:52 I managed to push her away, she fell into the tomato stand and both she and Mr Gobelin fell into the fresh tomatos, smashin most of them to pieces. Silly woman!
09:55 I managed to sneakl away, ran all the way back home, to trash my costume.
12:05 Conclusion: Mr Stephan Gobelin underpays his employees, he smashes the tomatoes, his customers are stupid!

Although engaged to the heir of the local power family's fortune, Eimear Dillon is found on Saturday nights with George Shaw in her dorm-room in Sims State. Will Pascol Bien stay with her?

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