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Updated on local simday 80 / December 8, 2007

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Wooblershield into modelling?
Henrietta Wooblershield (29) might have been offered a short term contract with Nova Star Models Agency. If this is true, there will be no more farming for Ms Wooblershield. Today they rent the Twin Farm, but I never heard of a model digging the dirt.

Old star seen flirting
Retired leading man, Sherard Glitz (74), was spotted on a tropical island flirting with very young bikini women! Is the old star planning his 2nd family? 

Simona Rose on the beach
Retired actress Simona Rose (67) has accepted to be on stage at the upcoming "A Happy World" charity event taking place on simday 82. Will it be a comeback for the old lady?

Olivia Hoover expecting?
Pahala Shore actress Olivia Hoover (47) was observed running for her life into a restaurant toilet, followed by sounds you would not expect from her. Rumours say she is pregnant, although nothing shows yet. Is her Simmerville born private buttler the father? Or had she just ate sme spoiled food?
Will Bluzz marry Bluzz?
The extremely wealthy Bluzz sisters, Alexia (34) and Staisa (30) of SimCity are giving a top notch party tomorrow in order to pick their future husbands! Several rich and single Simmervillians will be on the guest list. The event is officially hosted by the Finance Cartel. There are also rumours saying Stasian Bluzz (37) of Simmerville is currently dating Ms. Staisa Bluzz and a wedding might be upcoming. They claim not to be cousins by DNA and therefore not related, but hey - they even got similar first names! Should this be considered a scandal, I'd say so!
Love & Money
Mervil daughter married rich
Daughter of late Sophelia Mervil, Marbes Mervil (37) did marry Mr. Bruce Long at the SimCity Heart Hotel today. They keep the Mervil name and will reside 1 Mervil Farm. Mr. Long's finances will no doubt come handy when Marbes needs to pay out her younger brother, Bross. The household is topping the local networth ranking.
Business Life
New stock rules from today!
Just a short note that the new rule saying that no Sim can own more than 50% of a company's shares without offering to buy the entire company, is executed today. A few locals like the Bluzz family and Simmerville Studio are forced to sell out some A-shares to meet the new rule. Yyou can check the share owners at Mazaloom Stock Exchange.
Request & Share
Bross Mervil

I received a secret note in my mailbox, requesting me to spy on Bross Mervil (43) to find out what he was doing right after the recent alien scandal press conference. Thanks Similius I got the request ONE MINUTE before the conference ended, so I decided top give it a go!

9:15 PM Press conference closed. I notice Bross Mervil looks tired and he discuss something serious with Mr. Stephan Gobelin and the just arrived alien expert Lucas Stew-Fraisser. They look scared, how come? Didn't they tell everything they know?
9:22 PM I've hided behind a large potted plant, they are still debating. The expert looks like he is having a hysterical breakdown.
9:50 PM Finally, they break up! Bross Mervil is leaving the Administration building, I put some parts of the plant in my mouth and in my ears to not be recognized as I rush after him down the steep stairs.
9:58 PM WHAT? Just before I rush out through the main entrance, I see a car is there to pick up Bross Mervil. He was engaged to local April Briggon until yesterday, but who is in that car? He gets inside the car and KISSES someone hello!
9:59 I rush out into the street to get a closer look, just as they drive off! I'm almost hit, they don't see me in the dark night. The plant part in my nose is pushed all inside and I can hardly breath! But I'm on durty, and just as the car drives off, I get a glimps of the driver - it's the beautiful Ms. Jadira Glitz!!! Youngest daughter of actor Sherard Glitz! Bross Mervil is having an affair with Jadira Glitz! And I know it, and now you know it too!
11:20 PM I'm back home, Frank is helping me to remove the plant from my inner nose. He did remove most of it, but not all... I might need to see a doctor...

The SimCity administration announced there will be a major reorganizing of the city side near Simmerville. According to a detailed plan Grease Avenue seems to be most affected, and some houseowners might be forced to sell their small townhouses to give room for larger builds. Expect more details soon!

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