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1 Mervil Farm

1 Mervil Farm has been home to some of the hood's weathiest households. The lot is not large but the 2 storied house is well organized with room for a large household and even includes its own bedroom section for farm workers/servants. The garden area is very limited and behind the house all the ground is reserved farming. The location is nice, on farm land, great view down to the hood.

The owner of this lot also owns 3 Mervil Farm Annexe (includes 1 farm right) and the Mervil Mausoleum located at 3 Old Simmer Ln.

Recent Households
5. (80-): Marbes Mervil (daughter of 4)
4. (33-79): Sophelia Mervil (from 3 Mervil Farm, daughter of 1 and 2)

3. (31-32): Egoon Mervil (from 3 Mervil Farm, son of 1)
2. (27-30): Marta Mervil (widow of 1)
1. (0-26): Brion Mervil
Recent Owners
5. (80-): Marbes Mervil
4. (33-79): Sophelia Mervil

3. (31-32): Egoon Mervil
2. (27-30): Marta Mervil
1. (0-26): Brion Mervil

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This property was known as the new Mervil Farm and it has been home to some of the hood's wealthiest households. Originally all land accross Simmer River, today known as Mervil Farm (6 lots) and Simmer Heights (5 lots), was owned by the Mervils and partially used for farming and hunting but not resided. The old house at 1 Mervil Farm replaced a tiny shelter that was put there for occasional workers. The new house was built 141 years before TS2. The new farm was cleared by Lucie Mervil (died 98 years before TS2). She was a clever farm woman, owning the entire Mervil Farm. She was born at what we today know as 7 Old Simmer Lane. The new Mervil Farm produced cabbage and bacon, and she established a new market accross the Mervil Bridge, Mervil's Market, which served 2/3 of the hood and is still operated by her local descendants. There is a tiny piece of street in Simmerville that was named after her, Lucie Lane. It's said that there used to be a fallen tree there that Lucie used to sit on to look up at her farm accross the river.

Lucie had no children, so her niece Listher Mervil was next, born at 7 Old Simmer Lane. Listher focused on bacon production along with operating Mervil Market. She increased the farm's value, and she let land to workers to secure vegetables and meat to Mervil Market. 79 years before TS2 she built a small house at 3 Mervil Farm for workers to produce eggs. When Listher died without children, her nephew Edgar Wilfred Mervil from 7 Old Simmer Lane was heir to Mervil Farm. He was also heir to the other Mervil goods which included a lot of today's community lots, so now it was all gathered on one hand! The future would remember him as Ol'Ed Mervil, he was the single Sim who contributed the most to Simmerville's future growth and community. And with a networth of §2.353.580 he was definitely the wealthiest man in Simmerville ever, perhaps of the entire Mazaloom county!

Ol'Ed Mervil left 7 Old Simmer Lane and moved in at Mervil Farm 51 years before TS2, and stayed here until he died 9 years before TS2. He produced just a little bacon and carrot, and he did good businesses. His incredible wealth came mainly from letting land to farmers and other families. Families like Tammer, Bluzz, Wolmipot, Ratting, MacTuss, Grumblin, McArthur, Barrett, Lobster and Joob did all rent land, house or rights from Ol'Ed Mervil. Ed had the house at 1 Mervil Farm expanded. He donated several lots to the hood, branded as community lots. He married the local Cruela  Hedgewood who died 2 years before him. Then he wrote his testament which 2 years later became a shock to his heirs. Not only did he give away a lot of his property, but he also included restrictions with most of the lots, in most cases making them less valuable to his heirs. His will was probably the most complicated ever seen in the district, and his will is still in effect nearly 50 years/simdays later.

Ol'Ed Mervil had 2 sons, Brion Mervil and Blurt Mervil. Lately it was reveiled that he also had a daughter, Rebecka Goth, a result from one of his many business trips to Frogdale (Appleton county), but further investigation shows that it was not Ol'Ed Mervil who had an affair with Della Goth of Frogdale, but his son, Brion Mervil! The result is that Brion's son Egoon married his halfsister (and not aunt) Rebecka. A scandal of modern times,and a tragic result of Ol'Ed's complicated last will.

Brion Mervil was heir to most of Mervil Farm, while his brother Blurt Mervil got parts of it icluding Mervil Market. Brion Mervil produced bacon and eggs on the farm, but he also made it to Astronaut in the Military career. The household value was dramatically reduced, but the household stayed on top of the community. Brion had resided 3 Mervil Farm while his father was alive, 9 years before TS2 his family of 4 moved into 1 Mervil Farm. Then his 2 sons moved out and his wife Elsa Rolley, died from falling down the stairs. Mr Mervil had just remarried Marta Trull when the household transferred to TS2.