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3 Old Simmer Lane: Mervil Mausoleum

Mervil Mausoleum is the very old and quiet home of Mervil family members of the past. You are welcome to visit, but please bring only one child at the time.

When you enter the mausoleum, be aware of the old saying: "When you walk through a door, never look back". You will enter the main room, where the most important members of the Mervil family are resting. Note the stone flooring inscription: "On here, thu death. Mervil be bourn. Mervil be death. You shall find Peace." *)  Other family members' graves can be found in the dark crypt in the cellar.

*) Translation: "In this room only sims who started and ended their lives as Mervils, can rest.

Opening hours: 24/7

Mervil family members: To place a new grave here, contact the owner and prepare to pay §250.

Recent Owners
5. (80-): Marbes Mervil (daughter of 4)
4. (33-79): Sophelia Mervil (daughter of owner 1 and 2)

3. (31-32): Egoon Mervil (son of owner 1)
2. (27-30): Marta Mervil (wife of owner 1)
1. (0-26): Brion Mervil
The Mervil Mausoleum belongs to the property at 1 Mervil Farm. This history blurb will not be updated. See the owner's main household.

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This building used to be a part of the Hood Administration at 5 Old Simmer Lane, until the two builds were separated.