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3 Mervil Farm

This is a very small and old house, working as a retirement home for the Mervil Farm (1. Mervil Farm). The location is actually great with only a short walk to the Mervil Bridge that connects Mervil Farm to old town.

At TS2 the house was resided by Brion Mervil's two criminal sons from his first marriage. They almost ruined the place, it was a disgrace to the farm. The place was repaired and is temporarily available to renting farmers.

Recent Households
6. (-): Evita Mervil (from 7 Old Simmer Ln, to 10 Old Simmer Ln) 
5. (63-70): Rita Valentino
4. (-): Clive Appleton
3. (33-): Cruella Mervil
2. (31-32): Cruella Mervil (to 1 Mervil Farm)
1. (1-30): Egoon Mervil (to 1 Mervil Farm)
Recent Owners
5. (80-): Marbes Mervil (daughter of 4)
4. (33-34): Sophelia Mervil (daughter of 1 and 2)
3. (31-32): Egoon Mervil (son of 1)
2. (27-30): Marta (Trull) Mervil (widow of 1)
1. (1-26): Brion Mervil

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
This lot was originally part of the Mervil Farm land. It was cleared 79 years before TS2 when the Mervil Farm's second owner, Listher Mervil, built a small farm workers house here. The renters had to deliver a certain amount of eggs to Mervil Market. The first renters were the household of the rather famous actress Stinna Bluzz and egg production was only 17% of their total work. Bluzz is one of the old families of Simmerville. The next generation Bluzz stayed here until Brion Mervil inherited the right to reside this lot until he produced a heir (according to Ol'Ed Mervil's testamente). 4 years later a son, Egoon, was born - although time would not make him main heir to the Mervil goods. When the Mervils moved into the main house at 1 Mervil Farm, this house was vacant, but soon after the two Mervil sons left their parents and moved in here. By this time there was no longer any eggs produced here at 3 Mervil Farm. At TS2 the ground was quite fertile, but this lot holds no farming rights.