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Updated on local simday 81 / February 3, 2008

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Hosting the charity show
It was confirmed that Jadira Glitz (35) is hosting this year's One Happy World charity show. Jadira is known from managing the local musicians club, Lake Ellies. The show will be recorded on simday 82, and is expected to premiere for TV on February 10th.

April Briggon in a hurry?
The day after TV hostess April Briggon (47) broke her engagement to local Bross Mervil (44), she moved in with Bruno Montpellier (44). Rumours are that she is in a hurry to have children, and a marriage is expected! She left Mervil Farm for a business man. We never expected you to become a dedicated farmer's wife, Ms April Briggon!
Housewives catfight?
Have their close friendship come to an end? Ursa Swims (58) is the new leader of local Housewives Society, and former leader and founder Tess Appleton (62) has broken all contact with Mrs. Swims. It's said to be caused by Mrs. Swims applauding and cheering when Mrs. Appleton was insulted on the recent episode of the Soap Box TV show. Mrs. Swims claims that she never cheered but that the producer's evil editing made it look like she did.
Love & Money
Sim Of The Year 2007 is dating
Earlier Ms. Chelle Briggon (40) stated that she wants to have 6 gradchildren, but how will that be possible when you are still siingle and with no children at all, Ms. Chelle? Last night I was spying at the little Café Simmerville, and who dropped by, if not Chelle Briggon and a man I never before saw? Is he a houseguest or a townie? Will he bring enough money to help her keep the house?
Business Life
Mervil Market for sale!
Are the rumours true? Yes they are! Simmerville's old Mervil Market is up for sale! I believe local farmers are angry with the former owner, our spokes sim Mr. S. Gobelin (48), because they were all forced to sign contracts with him, and now he might be selling those contracts to foreigners! If you got a right to deliver products from farming, crafting or fishing, you should visit the Hood Administration right away - and bring some rotten tomatoes!
Request & Share
Carol Swims

Some secret sim wants to know what Carol Swims (43) is up to after she moved out of her sick sister's house. Is she the angel she pretends to be, or might she be a greedy bitch after all? I desided to spy on her!

9:10 AM Making a few phone calls to find her new address. She left Trogernick Hospitz and moved to 62 Clutter Bvd, SimCity. 
10:05 AM My agent bag is packed, I walk to the bus station to catch a city bus.
11:14 AM I'm at Clutter Bvd! Oh my, there is a major replanning ongoing, I hardly recognize this area! Number 62 is a brand new build with a shop on ground floor and flat on 2nd story. And there are tall fences and a locked gate so I'll need to climb to get into the yard.
11:20 Ah, a car is stopping - I hide in the trash can! It is a woman and two kids - Ms Swims and the two alien offspring kids she wants to foster - I read about that! The sicko alienkids family is my neighbour at Test Lane, how would I *not* know!
11:22 Carol Swims is telling the kids to behave, she sounds everything but nice and happy... she is getting their luggage... are they going on a vacation?
11:24 I'm still in the trash can. A rat is biting my leg, but I know how to control myself after all these years as a secret reporter!
11:25 Kids sounds excited - Carol Swims is back with their luggage, they chant "going to Apples in tha valley, lallalla" - a song I never heard before!
11:34 An airport shuttle taxi arrives, kids are off, I wonder if Carol Swims left with them, but then I hear some silent crying next to the trash can. Then she takes a deep breath and walks into the house.
11:54 I'm on my bus back to Simmerville. My conclusion is that Ms Carol Swims used to be an angel, but that she is happy to change into something more interesting. The twins were adopted by the Humphrey family of Apple Valley.

Simmington Hills:
Rumor is that Honey Michels may get a 1 year contract extension on Suburb Sims as character, Lisa Benton.

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