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6 Mervil Farm - Chelle's Tea House

A very nice 2 storied modern house built on local simday 52. The location offers a great view accross Simmer River to old town, but the huge Mervil Bridge near by does block a panorama view. Downstairs contain kitchen, living, 2 bathrooms and a large room intended for business. Upstairs we find 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Garden is only partly prepared, but holds many posibilities.
Home Business: 
Chelle's Tea House

Opening hours: Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun: 9AM to 5PM
Entrance fee: No

I sell teapots, mugs, and of course bags of various tea flavours. They are the perfect gifts. Every day at noon I serve homebaked cakes, tea and coffee. Sit down to relax and discuss the latest hood news. Welcome to my Tea House!

Simday 75: My mother's Lawyer's Bookstore is closed. Welcome to brand new Chelle's Tea House!

Recent Households
2. (75-): Chelle Briggon
1. (52-74): Germine Briggon, owner (from 2 Test Lane to Bon Voyage Retirement Home)
Recent Owners
6. (75-): Chelle Briggon (daughter of 5)
5. (51-74): Germine Briggon
4. (33-50): Cruella Mervil, heir to this lot
3. (31-32): Egoon Mervil (son of owner 1) 
2. (27-30): Marta Mervil (wife of owner 1) 
1. (0-26): Brion Mervil

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----

(Age of Pets) The Lawyer's Bookstore was closed on simday 74 when Germine & Blake Briggon moved to spend their later days at Bon Voyage Retirement Home. Daughter Chelle Briggon opened a Tea House instead.

(Age of Business, simday) The first house built on this lot was built by Germine Briggon on simday 51. Mrs Briggon was a lawyer, but stepped back in order to run a home based Lawyer's Bookstore. There she sold law books and offered personal consultance.