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12 Old Simmer Lane - Bon Voyage Apartments

Four rental apartments each with livingroom, kitchen, hall, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. 2nd floor (Apt C and D) also come with 2 balconies. Rent §542-§562 per simday covers food, bills, services and local taxes. You need to bring your own furniture, but 2nd hand remaindings from the previous retirement home can still be bought upon arrival.

This used to be the Bon Voyage Retirement Home, scroll down to DOWNLOAD or to learn more about the facilities and rules. Retired Sims are still welcome to rent here, but Bon Voyage Apartments is now open to all.

Recent Households - Apartment A (§542 per simday)
1. Georgine Briggon (-)
Recent Households - Apartment B (§542 per simday)
1. Vacant
Recent Households - Apartment C (§562 per simday)
2. Vacant
1. Frank Motoflame (87-87), from 3 Test Lane (Trogernick Hospitz), to Apartment D.
Recent Households - Apartment D (§562 per simday)
1. Bimbina O'Brian (87-), from 1 Hunter Road
Recent Households (retirement home)
8. Bubo Buh (60-65), from 5 Hunter Road
7. Belinda Valentino (58-59) & Rasmus T. H. Valentino (58-), from 1 Avenue de Lobos
6. Belinda Valentino (58-59) & Rasmus H. Valentino (58-), from 1 Avenue de Lobos
5. Jim Loveless (42-42) & Carla H. Loveless (42-56), from 10 Old Simmer Lane
4. Beatricé G. Shalloe (42-45) & Bertil Shalloe (42-50), from 5 Dragon View
3. Arvid Brybrey (34-43) & Claire Brybrey (34-40), from 7 Old Simmer Lane
2. Bitchy la Beth N. Hanssen (34-41) & Jonathan Hanssen (34-41), from 4 Hunter Road
1. Cassandra Glitz (34-46) & Arthur F. Glitz (34-41), from 1 Cabbage Road
Recent Owners
2. (51-): Simmerville Hood
1. (34-50): Simmerville Hood, management by Phillion Montpellier
While you wait for your final journey...

Enjoy a drink or a poolgame in the saloon - alone or together with other elders. Short walk over to the diningroom!

You get your privat section containing bedroom, bathroom and balcony. Bring your own furniture, or use what is here.

Upstairs hall with access to the 4 private sections. 2 lockable doors to each private section. The staircase is a masterpiece!

Make your reservation to: 
Mr Phillion Montpellier, call 2248.

Download Bon Voyage Retirement Home here! (11MB)

Welcome to
Bon Voyage
Retirement Home!

We know you will enjoy:

  • Your private section including bedroom, bathroom and balcony, suitable for  1-2 elders (total 52 tiles).
  • Shared facilities like library, saloon, TV-room, swimming pool. Free bar and pool game. Kitchen where you can cook 24/7.
  • Lovely garden. You can assist the Gardener when s/he is around!
  • Group tour to a chosen community lot or Downtown every 5th simday. You can invite your relatives over to visit any day between 3PM and 9PM.
  • Peace and quiet between 10PM and 10AM..
  • You can freely recolour your room but not replace anything. You can not bring your own furniture, only reuholster the current.
  • Only retired/unemployed elders allowed.
  • When moving in there is a deposite of §5.000 per section. Then there is a daily fee of §300 per pensioner. Hood taxes, food and services included.
  • When you die we will keep the value of any furniture you brought into Bon Voyage. If you die without a heir, we will also keep your goods elsewhere.

The view from your balcony is breathtaking! Perfect for rethinking your last will. Bring your hobby or get a brand new!

You can cook your own food whenever you like! Perhaps the other lodgers will still talk about your skills after you've left?

The dining room is the room where you eat your food. The Maid will stop by daily to keep Bon Voyage clean for you!

In the library you can study or read, or have a quiet talk with visiting relatives. This is also a restroom with good recliners.