Family is the most important thing in the world! Clean your home with pride!
Question & Answer

Q: Hello Housewives Society. I hear about the cooking contests. What are they? Do the Housewives Society arrange any cooking events?
Chelle Briggon

A: Dear Chelle Briggon. Cooking is one of the most essential jobs in a housewife's life, and we expect that many of our members will enter such contests. We don't have our own club house, so we won't arrange events, but we will work closely with the food contest hosts! For sure!
Mrs. Ursa Swims, leader

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Club News

Simday 81: Simmerville's Housewives Society has a new leader, Mrs. Ursa Swims. Thank you, former leader and founder, Mrs. Tess Appleton. You will be a member of honors for the rest of your life!

Simday 74: Our club leader, Mrs. Tess Appleton has been featured on a newseries called "Soap Box. Click here to read how she bravely warned everyone about single women who calls you to ask for your husband!
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Family Rules

1. All family members need to do chores.
2. Children need to do their homework before they start playing games.
3. Parents should not kiss when the children are in the same room.
4. Kitchen counter needs to be cleaned daily.
5. There is no good reason in the whole world why you should not make your bed.
6. Family or friends should be invited over at least twice every week.
7. The full family should visit a community location at least once per week.
8. You did not allow pets in the house just to see them sleep on a Sim's bed.
9. Don't hire a maid or nanny unless it can't be avoided.

Recommended Routine

6AM Get up to prepare and eat breakfast
7AM Greet the paperboy, give tips, but not every day
8AM Wave the kids off to school
8AM Kiss your hubby off to work
9:AM Clean the kitchen table, put away leftovers
10AM Make beds
11AM Clean all bathrooms
12AM Shower, gussy up, look representable
1PM Shopping if needed: groceries? Clothing if a family member will soon enter a next lifestage? If shopping is not needed, meet with another housewife.
3PM Oversee the garden, tend anything close to the entrance. Check for mail. Greet children from school.
5PM Kiss hubby home from work.
5PM Prepare dinner, clean the kitchen while cooking
6PM Dinner
7PM Help children with schoolwork or skills
8PM Watch TV news with hubby
9PM Call some family or friends
10PM Allow yourself a bubble bath or reading a book
10PM Send children to bed
11PM Go to bed

Members agenda

* The family depends on the housewife
* A clean home is better than a filthy home
* Fresh food is better than spilled old food
* Smart and harmonic children are better than dumb and destructive children
* A loving and proud hubby is better than an ignorant and emarressed hubby.