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1 Lucie Lane

This lot holds a very long and winded story, but the current house was erected as late as simday 35. 1st floor: hall, library, bathroom, living/kitchen/bar, bedroom. 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms, bathroom and a nice roof terrace with a view down to the Simmer River. In addition there is a tiny room inside the tower, and a full basement. The outdoors is lovely with a great view down to the Simmer River.
Recent Households
2. (83-): Henrietta Wooblershield
2. (74-82): Glorietta Wooblershield, to Grease Avenue, SimCity

1. (35-73): Larry Wooblershield
1. (1-34): Jailo collective (condemned trailer occupied by criminals)
Recent Owners
4. (83-): Henrietta Wooblershield (daughter of 2)
3. (74-82): Glorietta Wooblershield (daughter of 2)

2. (30-73): Larry Wooblershield (son of 1)
1. (1-29): Stuber Gobelin

----- Old world (prior to the TS2 revolution) -----
The lot was expropriated from the huge 77 Simmerville, 102 years before TS2. The first house was built here 4 years later, by local Rupius Gobelin who bought the lot from the Mervils at 77 Mervil (today 7 Old Simmer Lane). This lot used to be old 76 Simmerville.

Mr Rupius Gobelin was a successful musician who married Yvita Brach (of Summerset), they had just one son, Sid. 22/35 of the family's income came from their chicken farm.

Just like his father, Sid Gobelin was a musician, too. He inherited the house 74 years before TS2, married the local and rich Bolina Bluzz, and they had 3 children. Sid did even better than his father, and music was now the biggest income for this household. Both daughters (Ursulla and Yvita) established in Simmerville, but their son Rury got this house.

Mr Rury Gobelin (died 18 years before TS2) married the local Marhild Fresco, they had 3 sons, Stuber, Ronald and Brad. Rury Gobelin worked as a lawyer, and their networth raised towards §900000. It was one of the hood's wealthiest households at the time. Unfortunately, 18 years before TS2 there was a dramatical house fire that killed Rury (73-18), his father Sid (78) and Rury's youngest son, Brad (14).The house was totally ruined.

Stuber Gobelin was set to inherite one of the biggest local fortunes, but was left with a ruined lot. He had money, but chose to let the lot as a trailer parking lot, and moved downtown with his mother and younger brother, Ronald. The trailer park worked well for many years, then a condemned trailer was left here and ex-criminals occupied it 1 year before TS2.

The hood is pleased that Larry Wooblershield, son of Stuber Gobelin, has now returned to Simmerville and on simday 35 he threw out the criminals and had a nice house built on this lot.