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Updated on local simday 83 / March 11, 2008

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He caused the 4 hours delay
Retired Leading Man, Sherard V. Glitz (78) was supposed to participate to the One Happy World charity show. Unfortunately he was trapped in traffic jam, causing the show to get delayed for 4 hours! The show had to start without the former superstar.

Jadira might do it again!
One Happy World hostess, Jadira Glitz (37), admits she might do something similar in the future, but now that she is getting married she plans to quit her job managing Lake Ellie's and take up pottery at home at Mervil Farm instead.

Siliza Fresco signs contract
Virtous pianist Siliza Fresco (33) has signed a contract with Doorbell Records. They will support a series of concerts at Lake Ellie's, and if everything goes well, there will be a recording later this year.
She is dating!
Chelle Briggon (42), Sim of the Year 2007, was observed holding hands with the same man she was dining with some days ago! They are dating, although they did not look like a couple in love. Were they hiding it? I happened to pick up his wallet from his pocket, and there I found his name; Darren Smith.
Love & Money
From rich to average - to poor?
Poor old Pernold Light (60) - when his wife divorced him and escaped the hood, she became entitled to 50% of Pernold Light's belongings. He still owes her a big sum, which is due tomorrow! Or some day soon! He and his toddler son might have to move from the grand house at 2 New Simmer Lane.
Business Life
Illegal business?
Brigar Goth (64) has been contacted by the SimCity Police Department because of his illegal robot factory downtown. The factory is hiding under the name "Gothan Gym" but police became suspect when the gym was never open to customers. There are sales restrictions in SimCity just like in Simmerville, and what Brigar Goth has been up to is strictly illegal.
Request & Share
Ursa Swims

A very secret note was dropped into my mailbox the other day - a spy request! Someone wanted me to digg up anything bad I could about the local Ursa Swims (60)! How exciting!

Ursa Swims lives at 1 Dragon View, she is married and they have a greenhouse, a son and a cat. How could I resist such a request?

8:20 AM I woke up next to my lovely woman, Laurel. I got dressed and headed for Dragon View right away. I heard Ursa Swims is up with the daylight!
8:55 I'm arriving the Swims residence - this house was originally built by some baby expert of the past. I notice Mrs. Swims working in the greenhouse. She is singing to herself - how annoying is that?)
9:10 AM I'm not wearing any costume today, I'm simply a gorgeous stunning man hanging by the mailbox.
9:11 I'm getting cold feet... this was a mistake - I can't stand here, they must not see me... If I only had my Bigfeet suit right here!
9:11,5 Ursa Swims is about to leave the greenhouse - is she coming my way? I see the composter, great idea! I'll hide there just until she has walked inside the house!
9:13 AM I just jumped into the composter, closing the opening. What a heavy cover! I hear Ursa Swims walking by, she stops. Is she catching bugs? Is she counting flies? Why doesn't she walk on? Has she noticed me?
9:17 AM It's getting very warm inside the composter! I can't take it much longer! Ouch, what's that? It feels like my left feet is being moozed into feritilizing soil.
9:22 I hear Ursa Swims greeting someone outside! Is it a secret lover? Is it someone I'd like to see? Ouch! I try to push the top open, but the cover seems stuck! I can't get out unless I screem for help!
9:21 Why is it quiet outside? Why do I feel like boiling? Awww...

Post script: Well, I hate to admit it, but everything turned black, I woke up in the Medical Center. It was Ursa Swim's son who found me when he returned from school and wanted to help his mum composting some old paper. How embarrassing! I think I'm too old to spy - without a disguise!

The City Planning office has finally completed the first step of the city upgrade program. Some poor families were forced to sell their small houses to give room for taller city builds, and now that Spring is coming, outdoor cafees and stands will soon be popping up all over Grease Avenue.

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