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Updated on local simday 88 / August 12, 2008

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Apartment life waiting?
Ageing beauty, Simona Rose (75), has told a journalist that she and her husband, ex-councillor Bernard Rose, might be moving to Bon Voyage Apartments in order to step back. The actress never liked the idea of moving into a retirement home, but now that the old Bon Voyage has switched to apartments, it feels different.

Announces puppy names
Leading Lady, Judy Ballong (?) forgot to mention the names of her 3 puppies when interviewed by Simmerville web. Tonight she gave a press conference where the only purpose was to publish the small dogs' names; Mowgee, Mrs. Crumple, Dora.

She is finally a mum
Ex-Sim of the Year 2007, Chelle Briggon (47) has finally experienced motherhood. Today she gave birth to a daughter, it might be the only child in the house due to the mother's age. The happy family might choose to close the Chelle's Tea House for a couple days.

Councillor's son is hunted
The hood's Culinary Advisor, 0 Gobelin (50) has decided to stay in Simmerville with his little son, 99, the blue & green alien kid. The problems got worse for them after the ali4en expert Stew-Fraisser published his report today. Nobody wants to be near the little boy, and even the public school is now debating to expell the 13 years old boy.
A son was born!
Super bestselling gossips author, Juston Snakespeare has proven he's still a man by becoming the father to a new born son, Theodor. The very lucky mother is not only proud to be married to this hunk of a man, but will also be raising his son!
Love & Money
Wating for her young lover?
Sister of actress April B. Montpellier and of ex-Sim of the Year Chelle Briggon, is finally moving out! Rumors say Georgine Briggon (35) is having an afair with a 10 years younger boy, and because of the age gap they must wait for him to grow up. Ms Briggon has reserved an apartment at Bon Voyage, and will move in tomorrow. But who is she actually waiting for?
Business Life
Closing down beauty salon?
Helene Montpellier (40) is thinking of closing down her local Bonnie's Salon. It's not official, but she tells it to all her costumers, so why not publish it here! The business goes very well, but due to limited space the salon is too small for expansion. The salon was started by her mum, and the name is from long late Bonnie Montpellier's online beauty shop.
Request & Share
Hurla Loveless

One of my great fans begs me to find out if the local Hurla Loveless (41) has a lovelife or not. First I thought, there's absolutely nothing special with Ms. Loveless, but yes there is! Why is she moving so often? Has she not lived on more different locations than anyone else I know of? I wanted to find out!

11:40 AM I am ready, wearing my gipsy lady costume, I plan to ask Ms. Loveless about her lovelife! She rents one of the small builds at Twin Farm at 3 Edmund Lane. Let's go! Oops, I need a crystall ball... okay, this old football must do!
11:57 Arriving Twin Farm. Where is she? I sneak up to the house to look inside - it's totally empty! The other house ... it's almost empty too!
12:06 I hear a female voice just behind the house. Singing. I find Ms. Loveless weeding some vegetables - ah, of course, this is a farm. Now - I test my supernatural gypsy woman match maker voice - Heeelllllouuuuu Miss!? Want suuume luvlife todaaaay?
12:07 She looks up, smiles, and my ears must be broken, because she says she already HAS A LOVELIFE! - Hmpfr...
12:08 - Okiduuukee Miss. Toooodelooo!
Ipretend that I'm leaving the lot, but as I round the corner I hide behind some small rocks and grass. What's going on?
12:11 I see a big car stopping, out jumps a guy I recognise, Jorgel Stello. He is a live-in farmer up at Mervil Farm. He carries out a few of Ms. Loveless' belongings. Is she moving again? She has been everywhere, this woman!
12:17 She comes from the farm field and when she sees the visitor she runs to him and they kiss. Geeeeee what a horrible kiss that was! Is HE her boyfriend? They walk inside, and I run off the lot as soon as my high heel shoes could carry me.
12:54 I'm back home, my darlig wife, Lauren, has news for me. Hurla Loveless is moving in with Jor5gel Stello, they have built a new farm house on behalf of the land owner up there. Conclusion; Ms. Loveless HAS a lovelife and she is about to add a new address to her list!

National UFO Association has claimed to get a downtown community lot for star gazing. They will do a protest march on Clutter Bvd. tomorrow!

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