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Updated on local simday 86 / June 7, 2008

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Mr Sexy is married!
In a very sophisticated ceremony, Lauren Chun (38) married to the very successful novelist Juston Snakespeare (65) today. The couple is extemely much in love!

Judy Ballong's puppies
Local actress, Judy Ballong (63) loves her little dog, Ms. Dorcy. Today Ms. Dorcy had 3 puppies, all in perfect shape and health. The actress explains she loves these creatures so much she will concider retire from acting just to spend more time with her dogs.
Jebb Swims (30), son of local artist Cassull Swims, has been seen dating Carmen Loveless! Is it just a gossip, or is it utterly true? I'll find out more tomorrow!
Love & Money
Married, finally
Last year's Sim of the Year, Chelle Briggon (45) has finally married. Today she was joined by Darren Smith (31), and the couple will reside Chelle's home at 6 Mervil Farm. But how about your siblings, Chelle? How will you raise money enough to pay them out? One can be lucky in love, but unfortunate when it comes to money.
Business Life
Business rather than child?
There are rumours that our Spokes Sim Mr. S. Gobelin's beautiful wife, Marylena, has decided to focus more on her career than on her own child! The Gobelins recently had a son, but Mrs. Gobelin insists on tending her career in Law Enforcement. She also runs a consultance company, MH Consulting, Inc.
Request & Share
Darren Smith

Some great fan asked me to spy on Darren Smith (31). He recently immigrated to Simmerville, and today he married to our local sweetheart, Chelle Briggon (45). I really want to find out more about this guy!

11:15 AM I arrive 6 Mervil Farm. No disguise, as I simply enter Chelle's Tea House as a regular guest. Did you know she charge too much for a simple bag of tea? Well, I look around, no Darren around.
11:27 I sit down with a piece of cake and some coffee. It's free, but Chelle charges all guests per hour. I will run off at 12:14!.
11:36 Good luck! I hear some local gratulate Chelle with the wedding, and I hear Chell saying her husband is asleep because he works nights. I leave, but intend to return tonight!
21:50 I'm back, hidden in the shrubs in front of the house. I wait for that carpool!
22:04 Car pool arrives, honks, and the house's front door opens. Darren is dressed in dark clothes, so he is not in medicine, then...
22:05 The second he got seated, I jumped out from the shrubs, grabbed a spoiler on that car, and hang on the best I could. Of cours I was wearing rollerblades on my feet.
22:44 We are driving to a harbour somewhere I never was before. Where am I? A small boat is waiting down there, and I jump off to hide again. As the boat leaves, I see a larger ship further out. No idea what this was about, they were all in black, no light on any boats, and I just realized that I'm far away from home and can't call a cab!
22:58 I snuck away, walking a long winding road back to the main road, where I hope to get a lift with someone. My conclusion is that Darren Smith might be up to something he shouldn't!

AThe city planning upgrade has been reported successfully. Only a few blocks remains, and all available flats are taken.

Lots of trash to be found downtown these days. Do you ppl never even try to hit the trashcan while walking the streets? I mean,- use the trash cans!

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