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Updated on local simday 84 / April 12, 2008

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Mr Casanova is dead
Former actor and Leading Man, Sherard V. Glitz (79) died tonight in his hone at Cabbage Road, Simmerville. Read about his many hush-hush romances in my books!

Searching fame?
A rumour has it that Henrietta Wooblershield (34) has contacted several studios in order to build a career on her drama degree. Does it help that her sister Glorietta manages Simmerville Studio, or will Henrietta need to look further?

News for April
TV personality April Briggon (50) has accepted to lead a local News feed that will be broadcasted shortly. Simmerville Studio claims it will be ordinary news, not just about celebrities. April recently married to Bruno Montpellier (47) and they are expecting a baby.
Is her art horrible?
Cassull Swims (65) has been busy painting portraits of the hood's former spokes sims. My question is why wasn't she told to portrait the greatest novelist the hood ever saw, me? Well, the 4 portraits will be reveiled at a special ceremony at the Hood Administration Center on simday 86. Will Mrs Swims get the job done in time? Will the portraits be horribly amateurish? I think there is a 15% chance for just that!
Love & Money
She won the greatest prize!
Local super novelist, Juston Snakespeare (53+10) no longer lives alone. No, a stunning lovely woman, Lauren Chun (36) has moved in with him, and they are said to be happily in love. Rumours that she is just after his fame and money are false, she might be after his great body though! Sorry all other women in the world, your all time hero looks to be taken!
Business Life
Club Cornell needs to close?
The local club has been running ever since the days of local legend Bimbo NL. But after all these simdays the place is still poorly visited. I stopped by early this morning, and the club was even closed! The current owner, Claira O'Brian (65) is about to step back, and her daughter Bimbina (27) will take over. She has already run the club in her mother's name for some time. Is there hope at all?
Request & Share
Gretcha Cormier

One fan asked me to find out more about the couple who just immigrated to Simmerville from SimCity's poor wuarter, Shadow End. Gretcha Cormier (39) descends from bastards, she looks quite bad and she is fat, too. So I couldn't resist spying on her!

9:12 Leaving home, heading for 6 Hunter Road where the Cormiers rents Bom Muggey's small house.
9:31 Arriving. It's not a long walk, but it takes time when you need to hide behind every sign and power post you find. Nobody saw me, of course!
9:34 It's quiet. Looks like they just moved in. Bob Muggey's vegetable garden hasn't even been watered yet. I sneak up to the little house.
9:36 Looking in through the kitchen window. I see Gretcha Cormier eating. She eats burned cake.
9:51 She is still eating... oh no... the mailman is coming! I need to hide... but where!?
9:53 I'm never out of ideas, I simply pretend I'm a wolf eating the flowers under the kitchen window. The mailman didn't recognize me at all, because he looked twice but looked scared, so he obviously thought I was a real wolf! Good job!
10:05 He left, I peek into the kitchen again - Gretcha Cormier is not there! Neither is the cake - all gone! 
10:16 Still no woman inside! I wonder why she is at home, I thought she was a teacher. Shouldn't she been at work?
10:25 I finaly spot her, she is napping on Bob Muggey's filthy old coach.
10:35 What a boring woman! I'm leaving, heading back home to relax in my recliner...

Awfully wealthy Ms Alexia Bluzz must have had a brilliant night at the party that was recently arranged by the Finance Cartel. Rumoutrs say she has invited TWO men to move in with her! What is going on down there?

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